How the organisation is run

The Chartered IIA is managed by the Council of Directors and the staff.

The Council of Directors is made up of volunteer members and the Chief Executive. Together they are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Chartered IIA and for developing goals and objectives. They are accountable to members for the Chartered IIA's progress.

The Chair of Council is known as the President. He/she is elected annually by the institute's voting members.

The staff are led by the Chief Executive and is responsible for the day to day running of the Chartered IIA.

Council is supported by five committees which report to Council on specific aspects of the organisation's management and activities. The nine regions of the Chartered IIA report to Council through one of these committees.

Members who have taken the IIA Diploma or IIA Advanced Diploma are known as voting members. These members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which usually takes place in October. At the AGM they vote for the President, Deputy President and new Council Directors and on other items of business.

Volunteers are essential to the Chartered IIA. All committee positions are held by members on a volunteer basis, many with the generous support of their employers. Go to volunteering for details of how to get involved. 

Governance handbook

The governance handbook is a reference resource for members of the institute and for members of the Council and Committees. It sets out the governance framework within which Directors and committee members operate and talks about the operations of the Chartered IIA, its strategic plan, its focus is on the governance arrangements and covers the key governance policies along with explanations and guidance.

Read it here