Here are the manifestos for the proposed Joint Deputy Presidents and Audit Committee Chair.

Dermot CMIIA (Deputy President)

Moya Moore CMIIA (Joint Deputy President)

Gary Stewart (Audit Committee Chair)

Dermot CMIIA (Deputy President)


Dermot is Head of Audit in the two central finance ministries in Ireland, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and the Department of Finance. His role includes heading up the Audit Authority for EU Fund Programmes in Ireland.

He has over 30 years of management experience in both external and internal audit across Ireland’s government departments and wider public sector including international aid programmes between the UK and Ireland. He has also served on, and chaired, several public sector audit committees.

Dermot’s statement

Up to 1999, I worked in Ireland’s Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, where I managed the external audits of various government departments and state-sponsored bodies. In 1999, I joined the Department of Finance to head up an EU Funds Audit Unit. In 2011, this Unit took over the internal audit function in the two central finance ministries.

I have been a committed volunteer since qualifying as a CIPFA accountant, chairing Ireland’s Branch of CIPFA before going on to serve on CIPFA Council from 2003 to 2005 and serving on the Audit Committee. Having joined the Ireland Branch of the CIIA in 2014, I successfully stood for election to Council in 2017 and was pleased and honoured to be re-elected as a Director in 2020.

I have greatly valued not only the professional skills and knowledge that membership of the Institute has brought to my career, but also opportunity to meet and engage with fellow professionals. Since becoming a Director on Council, I have taken a particular interest in strengthening the link between Council and Regional Committees so they have a greater involvement in the Institute’s strategy and plans.

COVID-19 initially posed challenges to the role of internal audit. However, I am convinced that it has also presented opportunities to enhance our role as a ‘valued business partner’ to which we all aspire. I hope to help the Institute develop its education and training offerings as we embark on a new era incorporating remote delivery as never envisaged before. As a keen proponent of education and learning I have assisted academic bodies in Ireland and across Europe in the encouragement of best practice governance.

I look forward to the opportunity to support the President in his demanding role over the coming year. I am also committed to demonstrating that we value our key resource, namely, the executive team and the talented people working in the Institute. All of us on Council wish to foster excellent employee engagement and wellbeing to support an inclusive and diverse workforce and encourage talent management in the Institute.

Equally, I would like to continue to support involvement of the Regions at Council. They are primary stakeholders in shaping services that we offer to our valued members and customers. I would also encourage continued cooperation and engagement with our fellow European Institutes and other international chapters sharing our values and commitment to the professional practice of internal audit.

Moya Moore CMIIA (Joint Deputy President)


As Executive Director, Moya oversees the provision of internal audit services for a range of public sector clients at SWAP. Her areas of responsibility include design, development and delivery of agile annual plans, senior client liaison and performance management.

She is an active member of SWAP’s senior leadership team, and leads a team of geographically dispersed auditors, all the while supporting the company through informed and constructive challenges on key decisions, initiatives, and strategy.

Moya's statement

As an Executive Director at SWAP Internal Audit Services, I have experience as Head of Audit in a local government setting. I have been well placed to complement existing Council members knowledge over the last two years as Council member, using my experience on SWAP’s Senior Leadership Team.

As a full member of the Chartered IIA since 2007, and Council Director for the last 2 years, I have gradually built up a good level of knowledge and experience of the IIA. Starting with the SW Regional Committee, I joined the IIA Audit Committee in 2019 and the Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee in 2020. I have also been part of the Property Subgroup in the last year, as well as the Presidents Group. As well as maintaining knowledge on the progress of ongoing activities I support the IIA through informed and constructive challenge on key decisions, initiatives, and strategy, to shape the development of the institute in a positive, collaborative, and accountable way.

Over the last few years at SWAP, I have been responsible for the Business Development Portfolio (which includes preparation and delivery of the Marketing, Tendering/Income Generation, Contract Management plans and newsletter), I therefore have a good understanding of commercial business and the issues facing internal audit teams. I also understand the value of maintaining a strong professional network and being visible. I try to support the Chartered IIA team wherever I can with events and initiatives.

I have experience running geographically dispersed Internal Audit Teams and am currently implementing agile techniques. Author of key parts of the Audit Manual, Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, Social Media Policy, and others, I also have experience in leading External Quality Assessment reviews.

I understand the importance of technology in the future of our profession and have delivered audit management software training to audit teams across the UK (and abroad) and am keen to support professional development in this area. As a member of Ideagen’s Customer Council, I help set the development roadmap for internal audit software, to ensure it remains fit for the purpose of our rapidly evolving profession, with data analytics and agile capabilities currently on the agenda.

My employer offers full support regarding the necessary time commitment (meeting attendance, travel, and meeting preparation) for the role of Deputy President and having worked with the team for nearly two years now I am keen to continue my involvement.

I believe I meet the requirements listed within the candidate profile and am very excited about this opportunity and continuing to support the IIA UK & Ireland.

Gary Stewart (Audit Committee Chair)

Gary is currently the Head of Assurance and Risk at the Low Carbon Contracts Company, which helps to shape and implement schemes to enable low-carbon investment at a low cost to the consumer. 

He has significant experience in the profession, having previously served as the Head of Internal Audit across various regulatory, cultural, and government bodies.

Prior to his current role, Gary worked within professional services and central government.

Gary's statement

I have developed extensive internal audit experience across my career, with the primary focus of my roles within the last five years reporting to, and engaging with, audit and risk committees. This has involved building strong relationships with a diverse range of committees, as well as advising on best practices through workshop facilitation and regular one-to-one meetings with committee chairs. As such, I have developed a good understanding of what makes an effective Audit Committee, alongside the effective chairing of the Committee.

More directly, I am currently a Chair of a Finance, Audit and Risk Committee in an Academy Trust (as well as serving on the Board of Trustees). Since taking on this position, I have reprioritised the focus and agenda of the Committee to ensure sufficient focus on both audit and risk matters; this has also helped the flow of relevant information to the main Trustees meeting. This has been a rewarding experience on both a personal and professional level.

I have been a member of the Chartered IIA Council since election in 2019, having previously served on the Chartered IIA’s Professional Development Committee from 2017 to 2019. Since 2020, I have also been a member of the Chartered IIA’s Nominations Committee. Separate to my Council appointment, I have also been active on the Chartered IIA South and East Regional Committees since 2015, helping to arrange events and representing the Committee at engagements. Through my ongoing involvement with the Chartered IIA, I have continued to develop my knowledge of the Chartered IIA, which will help give me the necessary insight to scrutinise and oversee Audit Committee matters. I am strongly committed to the Chartered IIA and would welcome the opportunity to further apply this within the role of the Audit Committee Chair.