Read on for in-depth discussions with leading professionals from the world of internal audit, regulation and business.


Crisis in the travel sector: Grounded
Find out coronavirus has impacted the travel industry and what the sector can do to mitigate such global disasters.

Mapped for mobile: Interview with Preeti Sadarangani, Vodafone
Read our interview with Audit & Risk Awards Inspirational Leader, Preeti Sadarangani. An eye-opening profile piece into the importance of good leadership and people management.

Internal Audit 2019 Highlights

Daniella Cohen: Out of the comfort zone

Daniella Cohen, senior internal auditor, RSM, won the Audit & Risk Award for Best Newcomer in 2018. She explains why she loves her job and how internal auditing has helped her to overcome acute self-consciousness.

Interview with Sean Tompkins, CEO of RICS

Diversity and inclusion matter to everyone in an organisation and have profound effects on risk mitigation and talent management – and, therefore, ultimately, on financial performance. Sean Tompkins, chief executive of RICS, will tell delegates at Internal Audit 2019 why CEOs need internal auditors to look at diversity and culture in every audit they do.

Interview with Jonathon Porritt

Climate change is the greatest existential threat faced not only by business, but by humankind. In the warm-up to his guest speaking appearance at Internal Audit 2019, we asked longtime environmentalist Jonathon Porritt about changing corporate and political attitudes towards this era-defining risk. 

Interview with Charlotte Valeur, chair of the Institute of Directors

Charlotte Valeur, chair of the Institute of Directors, has sat on the boards of a number of financial services companies. Ahead of her session at Internal Audit 2019, she explains what she needs to hear from internal audit and why a strong internal audit function is so vital for a healthy company.

Interview with Stephen Grey, investigative journalist

Internal auditors are liable occasionally to find a few nasty surprises lurking under an innocuous-looking corporate stone. However, few will find anything as unpleasant, or as personally dangerous, as the things Stephen Grey has uncovered in the course of his career as an investigative journalist. He will tell delegates at Internal Audit 2019 how revealing the darkest secrets makes positive things happen.

Ringing the changes: interview with Marie Lauri, head of professional practices at Deutsche Bank

Marie Lauri, head of professional practices at Deutsche Bank,has risen rapidly through the ranks transforming various areas of the bank’s internal audit function on her way. She recently turned her attention to diversity and is participating in the Chartered IIA’s Women in Internal Audit network.She explains why this matters. 

Meet the president: Paul Manning

Get to know our president, Paul Manning.


Agile performer: how RSA group internal audit became agile

How can internal audit become more “agile” and forward thinking? This is the question that Ralph Daals, group chief auditor at insurance company RSA, asked when the organisation embarked on a period of rapid change and needed an internal audit team that operated on a radically different model.

Bottling success

It’s always a headache for the internal audit team when an organisation changes its stock exchange listing and internal control framework. Factor in completely restructuring the corporate audit team itself and it’s small wonder that Richard Brasher, corporate audit director at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, won Audit & Risk’s inspirational leader award in 2016 for achieving just such a turnaround.

Banking on change

Metro Bank is doing things differently. While many of its competitors continue to repair their reputations, this challenger bank aims to put customers at the heart of everything it does. Chit Ghee Yeoh, its director of internal audit,explains why she believes culture sets this bank apart.

In conversation with Ed Balls

Former Shadow Chancellor and Internal Audit 2016 keynote speaker Ed Balls shares his thoughts on the confluence of government and corporate governance, and why it’s important to take a step back when assessing risk.

Billion dollar questions

Michael Woodford was fired from his role as president of Olympus for blowing the whistle on a billion-dollar fraud. What did he learn from the experience and what can he pass on to help internal audit prevent such scandals in future? We explore the matter. 

Vince Cable on Trump, Brexit and uncertainty

Sir Vince Cable discusses Donald Trump, Brexit, the role of economists in forecasting the future and how to deal with global uncertainty.

Sterling service

It is nearly a year since the inception of the Government Internal Audit Agency. Chief executive Jon Whitfield reflects on the agency’s early progress and the work that lies ahead.

Watching the watchmen

The internal audit function of Ireland’s An Garda Síochána was formerly staffed entirely by uniformed officers. Internal audit chief Niall Kelly describes how the function has been transformed to better reflect its vital role.

Difference class

The role of head of audit at the Department for International Development is anything but a desk job. Anthony Garnett CMIIA explains what’s involved and why his team has a unique opportunity to see how their work makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Strength in diversity at Standard Chartered Bank

Alison McFadyen, group head of internal audit at Standard Chartered Bank, explains why diversity in banking and in internal audit is critical, why technology is too important to leave to external experts and why the last thing you want is a homogeneous internal audit team.

Alastair Campbell: change agent

As the director of communications for Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell was at the heart of the former UK prime minister’s plans to modernise Britain. He discusses his experiences of managing and communicating change – a significant challenge for internal auditors at a time when both the risk environment and the corporate governance framework are evolving rapidly.

Survival guide

How can you ensure that organisations assess and report on the things that really tell stakeholders whether they are likely to thrive in the long term? Professor Mervyn King explains his long involvement in corporate governance and why, as chair of the International Integrated Reporting Council, he is now committed to changing the way we understand our companies.