Audit Committee Service

The Audit Committee Service is exclusive to audit committee chairs and members. The aim of the service is to provide you with information that enables you to be a great audit committee chair or member. This space will equip you with the tools to be more informed and more effective against a backdrop of great change and uncertainty.

In contextualising what you need to know as a member of an audit committee, this service aims to put to rest the confusion and stasis that comes with being new audit committee member in an organisation and having to navigate in the dark. A problem which, as our Chief Professional Practices Advisor notes, is a common feature among new audit committee members who initially struggle to understand their responsibilities and wished they were effective sooner.

What benefits await me?

An exclusive service spotlighting the relationship between the chair and members of the audit committee and/or the audit and risk committee and internal audit, especially the Chief Audit Executive/Head of Internal Audit.

  • A broad service for audit committee chairs and members
  • Relevant content for application at audit committee level
  • An exciting array of audit committee content, including video interviews, podcasts and essential reading material
  • Plus valuable external links for your reference

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Essential reading

Access essential reading materials on current relevant information, enabling you to navigate with confidence and challenge and question the officers. For example, CEOs, CFOs, internal auditors, external auditors and any subject matter experts brought into your organisation, such as a firm undertaking a governance review, a climate change review, or a health and safety review.

What's new?

The CAE (HIA) performance appraisal
Assessing independence, objectivity and tenure of a CAE
Frontline topics for audit committees

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Learn from the experts

Tune in to our audit committee podcasts and watch our audit committee video interviews. Our interviewees hail from diverse backgrounds and work closely with audit committees in varying capacities.

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For any questions regarding our audit committee service or its contents, please email our Chief Professional Practices Advisor Liz Sandwith CFIIA, who is also an Audit and Risk Committee Chair. You can reach her on email at All questions received will be anonymised and shared.