Heads of Internal Audit Virtual Forum

Welcome to our Heads of Internal Audit Virtual Forum. A monthly virtual forum providing an open environment for audit leaders to learn, share and air concerns to help each other under Chatham House rules.

Why join us?

Our Heads of Internal Virtual Forums are interactive (MS Teams-based) and give you the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas as well as listen and learn from peers, audit committee chairs, and subject matter experts. Attendees are invited to talk on general issues and those specific to their organisations to encourage cross-sector learning. The Institute also offers technical and practical guidance where relevant.

Originally set up in response to pandemic challenges, the forum is now a fundamental source of interaction and support for members on a wide range of topics. Even before coronavirus became part of our everyday language, the profession was working out how to audit at the speed of risk (the topic of a leading book by Richard Chambers, IA Global CEO). As the pandemic took hold, Chambers reflected on life and death at the speed of risk. Only with your input can this forum support HIAs to audit at the speed of risk.

The forum is chaired by Derek Jamieson, our Regions Director, with support from John Wood, our CEO Liz Sandwith, our Chief Professional Practices Advisor.

How to join us

The forum is invitation-only. Please contact either Derek Jamieson (derek.jamieson@iia.org.uk) or Liz Sandwith (liz.sandwith@iia.org.uk) to request an invitation or to offer to present.

Forum schedule

All meetings take place at 3:30pm on Microsoft Teams. Please see an indicative schedule for the first half of 2022 below.


Discussion topic

8 June

Organisational and Strategic resilience – a reflection on the evolving environment and the role of internal audit

Latest key takeaways

Stay abreast of our forums as they happen. To help you keep track and understand what's covered, we have labelled all our recent forums by their headline topics. 


18 May Cyber Security Risk Profile

6 April Cultivating a healthy culture

16 March CEO perspectives

16 February | Being a brave leader

26 January | Key themes for the audit plan


1 December | Reflections on 2021

10 November | Financial resilience

13 October | Fraud - have we got it covered?

22 September | Risk in Focus 2022

18 August | BEIS white paper consultation

28 July | Auditing culture

Earlier key takeaways

Our Heads of Internal Audit Virtual Forum has been running since March 2020. All key takeaways from March 2020 to June 2021 can be found on our archive page, which you can access by following the link below.

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