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Local Authority and Head of Internal Audit Virtual Forum

26 June 2024

Key Takeaways

The new Global Audit Standards are asking the profession to enhance its focus on root cause and this session provided an overview of the rationale for this focus. 

There are a multitude of examples where failure to identify root cause has resulted in inappropriate and ineffective remedial action. In turn, this has resulted in repetition or a widening of the issue across the organisation. Internal audit has a key role to play in helping the organisation focus correctly on the root cause of a failing and should be competent in applying appropriate tools to do so. 

The presentation provided examples of good v poor root cause analysis and an overview of differing approaches which can be adopted to deliver enhanced insight on the causes of internal audit findings.  There was particular emphasis on the point that a person is not a root cause.    

The institute provides training and guidance on the subject and our presenter James Patterson has also authored a book on the subject. 

Click here for the session's slides.

Our next meeting Local Authority Survey Results will be on 24 July.