Chartered by experience

Use your experience to achieve Chartered Internal Auditor status

Chartered by experience (CBE) is a challenging and rewarding way in which senior practitioners who can demonstrate their professional competence can become Chartered Internal Auditors.

Chartered status enables you to:

  • use the CMIIA designation
  • gain the recognition for your contributions to organisational success 
  • become a full voting member of the Chartered IIA, and help to raise the profile and performance of internal audit.

How to register for CBE

Next registration deadline: 31 October 2019   View assessment timings

Are you eligible?


To be considered for this route you must have relevant experience of operating as a head of internal audit, or at a senior level in an internal audit role within an organisation or outsourced provider of internal audit services. You need to have had direct influence over the strategy of the organisation or business unit.

Whilst we do not specify that applicants must have served a precise number of years in post, we would usually expect applicants to have a minimum of 18 months in post as a head of internal audit or three years for an applicant who is in an equivalent senior level internal audit role.

What do we mean by an equivalent role? Read our HIA role definition


You must be able to demonstrate your competence and adherence to the highest standards of professional practice. Read the required competencies

Chartered IIA membership

You must hold membership of the Chartered IIA to apply to be chartered by experience. If you're not a member please join as an affiliate before registering for assessment. 

Case study: Stephen Foster, Senior VP Audit & Assurance, Cargotec

Stephen has been in an internal audit role at Cargotec for five and a half years, during which time he has transformed the role of audit and introduced an ethics and compliance function. Prior to this he worked in finance for 20 years, in various industries and companies. Stephen decided to become a Chartered Internal Auditor in 2016.  

Read his story

How you will be assessed

 There are two assessment stages:

1. Written application

You will complete a candidate statement which demonstrates how you meet our competencies. We have provided a template to help you do this. You must also submit supporting details, which include the endorsement of a sponsor and two referees, your CV and an organisational chart.  

2. Professional discussion 

Candidates who meet the criteria will be invited to a professional discussion with two experienced IIA assessors. These usually take place in London. We have found that a face to face discussion tends to work best, however we appreciate that this is not always achievable. We do offer the opportunity for overseas members to attend an interview via video conferencing if this is more convenient.

This stage of the assessment begins with a ten minute presentation on a topic chosen by the assessors, and given to you in advance of the day. The assessors will then follow up with related questions they may have about aspects of the presentation before moving on to a more general discussion where the assessors will consider your evidence in more detail - discussing your submission and exploring the examples you've used.

The professional discussion tends to last between 60-90 minutes.

Please read the competencies you will be required to demonstrate in your written application and at interview. 


The application fee to become chartered by experience is £1,800 +VAT.

This is non-refundable, but if we feel you haven't submitted enough evidence to be eligible for interview we will give you some feedback and you can re-apply within two months at no extra cost.  

Deadlines and timings 

If you are already booked for assessment in November, here is a reminder of the key dates you will need: 

Key dates for November assessments

Register online for CBE by    15 September 2019      
Written application deadline      27 September 2019
Interview shortlist announced              21 October 2019
Panel interviews                                   21,22 November 2019                       
Result confirmed        2 December 2019               

Key dates for 29 November assessment

Register online for CBE by     27 September 2019      
Written application deadline      7 October 2019
Interview shortlist announced              28 October 2019                                  
Panel interviews                                29  November 2019                     
Result confirmed 10 December 2019          

Key dates for January assessments

Register online for CBE by     31 October 2019      
Written application deadline 15 November 2019
Interview shortlist announced  11  December 2019                          
Panel interviews  23,24 January 2020        
Result confirmed                          17 February 2020

Key dates for March assessments

Register online for CBE by     10 January 2020
Written application deadline      31 January 2020
Interview shortlist announced      25 February 2020                              
Panel interviews                                 24,25 March 2020                       
Result confirmed                               20 April 2020            


Register today 

You can start the process today – it only takes a moment. Then, you can take your time putting your application together. 

How to register for CBE

Questions? Call 020 7498 0101 or email