Members' stories

Find out how membership can help you progress in your career, grow professionally and fulfil your potential in your current role and beyond.

Helen Bailey PIIA
Senior Internal Auditor, Capital One plc

Helen Bailey PIIA

I studied for the IIA Diploma through IIA Learning and I'd highly recommend this route for any practising and aspiring internal auditor. 

I was initially concerned about how I would absorb the volume of information but I attended the IIA Learning courses that supported each module. It was great to be learning with others, and the tutors did an amazing job of simplifying complex concepts.  The revision sessions were excellent, well timed and covered all key elements of the syllabus giving me sense of focus for the exams. 

The road to achieving the Diploma was not always easy. The support from tutors and staff was above and beyond the call of duty, giving a credible, personal face to a professional institute.

Simon Britton CMIIA
Alliance Boots 

Simon Britton CMIIA

In both my public and private sector roles IIA membership has given me a truly disciplined approach to providing assurance, whilst ensuring that internal and external risks are identified and managed in a cost-effective way.

The networking opportunities and shared resources of the professional body allow my development to continue, while volunteering enables me to give something back and aid the development of others. 

Katharine Chappell CMIIA
Senior Auditor

Katharine Chapell CMIIAI have taken both the PIIA and CMIIA qualifications and it was worth all the hard work to become a Chartered Internal Auditor! I feel like a professional now I have the CMIIA letters after my name.

I enjoy the events and Audit & Risk magazine and use them to keep up to date with internal audit developments and news. I also regularly use the guidance and forums on the IIA website to help with my day-to-day audit work.

John Chesshire CFIIA
States Head of Assurance, The States of Guernsey

John Chesshire CFIIAI joined the IIA as a trainee auditor and took the Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications in fairly quick succession. I worked for a UKcentral government department and I've also worked as an independent audit consultant and trainer. This work has taken me all over the UK, Irelandand to Romania and Iraq (post-Saddam I hasten to add). Join internal audit, see the world! I am now States Head of Assurance for the Government of Guernsey.

I owe a good deal to membership of the Chartered Institute and to its internal audit qualifications. I certainly wouldn't have had the fantastic opportunities and work experiences I have had without them.

I believe membership of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors is essential for any progressive internal audit professional. The Institute provides a unique, credible voice solely focussed on promoting the interests of our profession and the critical role we play in the challenging risk, control and governance environment.

Carl Proctor CMIIA
Audit Manager, Vaultex

Carl Proctor CMIIAI am a chartered accountant and joined the Institute to study the IIA's professional qualifications. I would recommend this route to any accountant who is serious about a career in internal audit. The Advanced Diploma gives a specialist focus on risk assurance and audit management which is particularly helpful to accountants who are now working in internal audit.

Membership of the IIA allows me to utilise a wide range of relevant knowledge and provides access to a professional network of like-minded people. This is invaluable for sharing ideas, experiences and, not least, knowing there are others facing the same difficulties as you!

Raji Shemare IACert
Business Assurance & Audit Officer, Centro 

Raji Shemare IACertAs a new internal auditor, the IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk gave me the knowledge I needed to progress.

It was interesting to meet people from different sectors at the four workshops that make up the course. And the professional and helpful IIA tutors made the subject enjoyable and interesting.