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Internal Audit Leaders' Conference 2017

Challenges and expectations: Key issues for the year ahead  

Change in the internal audit profession is being driven hard by the shifting business environment. What are the emerging challenges and how are practitioners adapting and rising to them?

Hear senior business leaders, technical experts and practitioners define, strategise and discuss techniques and methods to tackle the big challenges of ethics and good governance, cyber threats and attacks and the new fraud regulations on a daily basis. Be part of the debate on how practitioners are thriving in the fast changing corporate world.

 Why attend?

  • understand how the future of the profession is developing and changing
  • hear from the experts facing and disabling the big issues in their current roles
  • explore how ‘doing the right thing’ can become more than just a saying
  • set the scene regarding the importance of doing the right thing
  • how internal audit ‘leads’ the organisation from the point of expertise in risk and controls
  • assess the impact of Brexit on your organisation and develop a working operational risk management action plan
  • the SFO experience in prosecuting cases of bribery and corruption
  • learn how to immunise your system against cyber attacks.

CPE competency areas covered

  • governance, risk and control
  • internal audit management
  • critical thinking

6 CPE points

Registration and coffee from 08.45



Dr Ian Peters MBE
CEO, Chartered IIA


Ethics, governance and internal audit - the critical link
Simon Thompson, chairman, Tullow Oil and 3i Group, Non-executive Director, Rio Tinto

  • setting the scene regarding the importance of doing the right thing
  • how effective stewardship is a key essential for business success

The internal auditor – trusted advisor or assurance provider?
Andrew Paynter, partner, PwC

Geraldine Rutler, partner, PwC

  • how is the future of the profession developing and changing?
  • what are the current strengths of internal audit and what are the potential new opportunities?

Internal audit – leading from the front
Alistair Smith, UK internal audit, risk and control director, EDF Energy 

  • effective leadership of an internal audit department
  • how internal audit “leads” the organisation from the point of expertise in risk and controls
  • internal audit’s involvement and participation in strategic change
11.30-11.50 Tea/coffee break

Facilitated panel discussion: Internal audit reporting - threats to our objectivity

Facilitator: James Paterson, director, Risk & Assurance Insights

Bill Tonks, director of audit, St James's Place Wealth Management

Saleem Chowdhery, director of internal audit, the Co-operative Group

Audrey Haaxman, director of internal audit and risk, British Council

  • How to withstand political pressure when issuing audit reports
  • The amendment of final internal audit reports by executive management – is this a problem?
  • Positive communication of bad news

Internal audit leveraging data analytics – overcoming the challenges to add value
Sukhdev Bal, internal audit managing director, Protiviti

Nick Betts, Vice President internal audit (international), Time Warner

  • share an overview of data analytics trends in internal audit
  • what are the challenges being faced by internal audit in leveraging data analytics
  • insights on strategies to overcome challenges and add value
13.10-14.10 Lunch

Brexit and other changes - the importance of resilience to operational risks
Mark Essex, Director, Public Policy, KPMG

  • emerging and developing operational risks
  • what Brexit and other environmental changes mean for your organisation
  • internal audit in times of risk volatility 

Prosecuting fraud
Alun Milford, general counsel, SFO 

  • the role organisations should be playing in order to prevent fraud
  • timely communication with the SFO following an incident or potential exposure
  • the SFO experience in prosecuting cases of bribery and corruption
  • the growing use of deferred prosecution agreements
15.30-15.50 Tea

The enterprise immune system: using machine learning for next-generation cyber defence
Steffan Jones, account manager, DarkTrace

  • how new machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced cyber defence
  • why 100% network visibility allows you to detect threats as they happen, or before they happen
  • how smart prioritisation and visualisation of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk
  • real-world examples of unknown threats detected by 'immune system' technology

Closing remarks
Dr Ian Peters MBE
CEO, Chartered IIA

16.40- 17.40 Networking and drinks


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