CPE requirements for Certified Internal Auditors

CIA holders must complete 40 points (40 hours) of professional development every year and report this to IIA Global via its certification management system (CCMS). The deadline for CPE reporting is 31 December each year. The reporting fee in 2020 was $30.

New CIAs don't have to report CPE for two years

Newly-qualified CIAs are awarded two years' worth of CPE automatically: 40 points in the year they qualify, and 40 the following year. That means that if you become a CIA in 2020, you won't need to report CPE until December 2022. 

The deadline for reporting 2020 CPE for CIA holders was 31 December

Members who hold the CIA and who are due to report their CPE for 2020 can still do this via IIA Global's CCMS system. The deadline for doing this was 31 December. To declare your compliance you will need to log in to the CCMS and select the relevant CPE form. A fee of $30 per certification will apply.

Log in the the CCMS | Read our guide to using the CCMS

What counts at CPE?

Attending Chartered IIA training courses and seminars, giving presentations and writing articles all count as CPE. In fact any formal learning activity that you can demonstrate contributes to your professional competence qualifies as CPE.

Read our guide to CPE

Ethics training

All certified members are required to complete two CPE points annually which is focused on the subject of ethics. The IIA has already developed some training to enable members to meet this requirement, and there are more scheduled for delivery later in 2019. The following online short course focuses on ethics, and is worth one CPE point.

Professional ethics for internal auditors

Limits on types of CPE activity 

You should aim to get your CPE from a variety of activities and limits apply to some:

Actvity Maximum points that can be reported
Training courses, in-house training, seminars, conferences   40
Delivering presentations 25
External quality assessments 20
Serving as a committee member for a relevant professional body 15
Authoring or contributing to publications (eg books, articles or blogs) 25

If you're unsure whether a particular activity counts, please refer to IIA Global's CPE handbook (pdf)

On maternity leave or taking a career break?

If you have taken maternity leave during the reporting period (up until 31 December) and you've worked for more than six months of the year then you will be classed as a 'practising' internal auditor. The number of CPE points will be pro-rated so you will be expected to do 3.33 points for each month worked (40 divided by 12).

If you have worked for less than six months then you will be classified as 'non-practising' and can do 1.66 points per month (20 divided by 12).

If you are unemployed or taking a career break at the point of reporting your CPE then you will be classed as 'non practising', which means you need to do 20 points.


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