Report your CPE compliance when you renew

Holders of the CMIIA, PIIA and QICA must complete 40 hours of CPE per year. When you renew your membership each year on 1 April, you are making a declaration of your compliance with the CPE policy. As a qualified member you may be asked to provide evidence of your CPE – we usually make this request in the autumn. 

You do not need to use IIA Global's certification management tool, known as the CCMS, to report your compliance. This tool is only for holders of an IIA Global designation.

Click here to discover the competency framework relevant to CMIIA, PIIA and QICA holders. 

Submitting your CPE evidence

If you are asked to submit your CPE evidence as part of our annual sample, don't worry – it's very straightforward. If you collect this sort of evidence for another professional body that you belong to, or as part of your appraisal process at work, you can submit that. 

Your CPE evidence simply needs to cover these points:

  • The activity undertaken and the date
  • What you learned
  • How you have applied this knowledge at work 
  • Whether any further action in this area is necessary 

What counts as CPE?

Attending Chartered IIA training courses and seminars, giving presentations and writing articles all count as CPE. In fact any formal learning activity that you can demonstrate contributes to your professional competence qualifies as CPE. Read our guide to CPE

It's important to make sure you record your CPE activity correctly so that if you're asked to supply evidence of your compliance, you can supply it with ease. We have a template you can use.

Where to send your evidence

If you are asked to submit your CPE evidence please email it to and remember to include your name and member number.

Failure to submit CPE evidence when requested may result in expulsion from membership.


Please email or call 020 7819 1907.