CPE requirements for maintaining your leadership qualification

When you hold a global qualification you must report CPE to IIA Global each year.

If you hold an existing qualification in addition to the QIAL, you will only need to report CPE to IIA Global. This will also satisfy our CPE requirements – you will not have to report your activity twice. 

The deadline for reporting 2018 CPE for QIAL holders was 31 December

Members who hold the QIAL and who are due to report their CPE for 2018 can still do this via IIA Global's CCMS system. The deadline for doing this was 31 December. To declare your compliance you will need to log in to the CCMS and select the relevant CPE form. A fee of $30 per certification will apply.

Retired members, who are exempt from CPE, still need to log in to the CCMS and complete a 'retired status' form for each certification. There is no fee for doing this.

Log in the the CCMS | Read our guide to using the CCMS

What are the requirements?

QIAL holders must complete 20 points (20 hours) of professional development every year and report this to IIA Global via its certification management system. 

If you also hold the CIA, for which you need to complete 40 points, you do not need to do any additional activities to meet the QIAL CPE requirements. 

The deadline for CPE reporting is 31 December each year. A fee of $30 will apply.

What activities count as CPE for the QIAL?

Attending Chartered IIA training courses and seminars, giving presentations and writing articles all count as CPE. In fact any formal learning activity that you can demonstrate contributes to your professional competence qualifies as CPE.

Read our guide to CPE activities

Newly-qualified members do not have to report CPE for two years

When you are awarded the QIAL you also receive two years' worth of CPE automatically: 20 credits in the year you qualify, and 20 the following year.

That means that if you achieve the QIAL this year, and don't also hold the CIA you won't need to report CPE until December 2021. If you do also hold the CIA you will only need to report CPE for this.


Please email cpe@iia.org.uk or call 020 7819 1907.