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Internal Audit 2019 Highlights

Interview with Jonathon Porritt

Climate change is the greatest existential threat faced not only by business, but by humankind. In the warm-up to his guest speaking appearance at Internal Audit 2019, we asked longtime environmentalist Jonathon Porritt about changing corporate and political attitudes towards this era-defining risk. 

Interview with Sean Tompkins, CEO of RICS

Diversity and inclusion matter to everyone in an organisation and have profound effects on risk mitigation and talent management – and, therefore, ultimately, on financial performance. Sean Tompkins, chief executive of RICS, will tell delegates at Internal Audit 2019 why CEOs need internal auditors to look at diversity and culture in every audit they do.

Interview with Charlotte Valeur, chair of the Institute of Directors

Charlotte Valeur, chair of the Institute of Directors, has sat on the boards of a number of financial services companies. Ahead of her session at Internal Audit 2019, she explains what she needs to hear from internal audit and why a strong internal audit function is so vital for a healthy company.

Interview with Stephen Grey, investigative journalist

Internal auditors are liable occasionally to find a few nasty surprises lurking under an innocuous-looking corporate stone. However, few will find anything as unpleasant, or as personally dangerous, as the things Stephen Grey has uncovered in the course of his career as an investigative journalist. He will tell delegates at Internal Audit 2019 how revealing the darkest secrets makes positive things happen.


Ringing the changes: interview with Marie Lauri, head of professional practices at Deutsche Bank

Marie Lauri, head of professional practices at Deutsche Bank,has risen rapidly through the ranks transforming various areas of the bank’s internal audit function on her way. She recently turned her attention to diversity and is participating in the Chartered IIA’s Women in Internal Audit network.She explains why this matters.

Keep it real: what is real-time auditing?

Real-time information is becoming ever more important to delivering modern internal audit. It’s not enough to show what happened last year, you need to know what happened this morning. Data is critical to this and progressive internal audit functions are getting more experimental about the ways they use it.

Bright sparks: award-winning work at HMRC internal audit

Improved technology, faster processes, simplified reports and stronger communications are all important reasons why the internal audit team at HM Revenue and Customs won an Audit & Risk Award for Outstanding Team in 2018. However, according to its director, the vital ingredient behind all these improvements is curiosity and imagination.

Developments in governance: stay on the ball

The past year has seen a significant shift in the intensity of debate over the future of corporate governance. What do you need to know now?

Purpose: the governance imperative

“We have an in-depth understanding of processes, policies, procedures, risks and controls. Comprehensive governance assurance may be the most important service we provide,” writes Richard F Chambers, president and CEO of IIA Global.

Strategic risk: the Heathrow experience

“The main risk for the aviation industry is safety and security, but we also grapple with risks such as political uncertainty and climate change, particularly because of our plans for a third runway,” writes Carol Hui, chief of staff and general counsel for Heathrow Airport Holdings.