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EQA services

Our approach is centred on the practices of the profession with an emphasis on corporate governance, risk management and control. We offer a range of services from comprehensive in-depth reviews and tailored consultancy to cost-effective self-assessment options.

EQA process

NEW: Readiness assessment: are you prepared?

Planning an EQA or new in post? Our readiness assessment will help you prepare for a full EQA and give your internal audit function a 'health check'.

An IIA reviewer will look at the foundations and attributes of your internal audit function and highlight potential risks to your conformance with the Standards. They will also offer guidance on how to address these issues and improve effectiveness.

Full EQA: in depth and comprehensive

IIA reviewers will provide a full EQA that involves surveys and interviews with the head of internal audit, internal audit staff, audit committee members, customers and stakeholders. This is supported by examination of the internal audit approach and methodology leading to the completion of an independent report. 

Validated self-assessment: you assess, we validate

IIA reviewers will validate self-assessments carried out by the head of internal audit. The reviewers will review evidence and conduct interviews with senior management and the chair of the audit committee.

Assisted review: the bespoke approach

The emphasis of these reviews will be on identifying scope for improvement on specific features of internal audit delivery through gap analysis. It’s an ideal platform for new heads of internal audit, or those undertaking a reorganisation, to address particular areas of concern.

Follow-up review: an update on progress

Get validation of the enhancements you've made since your review and be able to say that you conform to the standards. IIA reviewers will assess your implementation of EQA action points and acknowledge the proress you've made.

FREE self-assessment checklist for IIA members

The IIA provides a self-assessment check list that is the foundation of the EQA service, a great resource to help prepare for an EQA or to benchmark the quality of your current internal audit process. 

Get the checklist 

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