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Audit leaders talk artificial intelligence

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors has marked the launch of its new Audit Leaders subscription service with a breakfast seminar on the impact of artificial intelligence on business.

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors today launched an exciting new Audit Leaders service designed for institute members who are the head of their company’s internal audit function. 

Speaking at the breakfast event at the London Stock Exchange, Chartered IIA Chief Executive Dr Ian Peters MBE said the Audit Leaders service comes at a critical time for the internal audit profession.

“Professional internal audit functions add value to organisations and enable the board and executive management to protect the assets, reputation and sustainability of organisations,” Dr Peters said.

“In an era when corporate scandals are a regular occurrence, internal audit is growing in importance as a strategic adviser to boards and as a critical part of robust corporate governance structures.

“Our new Audit Leaders service supports heads of internal audit in their role as leaders with tools and templates, events, webcasts, podcasts and guidance on themes that our members tell us are important.”

The programme for the Audit Leaders launch event focused on artificial intelligence, robotics and cyber security to exemplify how the new Audit Leaders service is going to address important emerging themes.

Guests were welcomed by Pepper the Robot who scanned their registration code and greeted them by name.

Keynote speakers included Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight and Futures at BT and Anjola Adeniyi, Managing Consultant at IBM security and member of the advisory board of the Cyber Rescue Alliance.

Dr Millard combined psychology with futurology to anticipate risks and issues for organisations, while Mr Adeniyi gave the audience an understanding of the cyber risk landscape and how organisations should be protecting themselves while adopting artificial intelligence.

“Content defines the new service and we will be investing in and producing regular, high-quality and sector-relevant research and guidance for members. This includes content on understanding and managing the new world of complex and emergent risks such as artificial intelligence, and much more,” Dr Peters said.

“Audit Leaders is all about strengthening those critical relationships with boards, audit committees and executive management, and quite simply, helping heads of internal audit to be the best they can be in their roles.”