Why become chartered?

1. Be in demand

The ever more complex risk landscape is fuelling demand for professional internal auditors. Rapid advances in technology and the dynamics of change in globalising markets mean organisations need to constantly adapt to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. Effective internal audit is increasingly recognised as key to protecting organisations and supporting them to achieve their strategic objectives. 

This growing recognition brings higher expectations of internal auditors. We're expected to have a strategic view of the organisation and its risk management, governance and internal control frameworks, alongside specialist technical audit skills. 

The Chartered Internal Auditor qualification embraces the profession's evolution and is designed to equip practitioners for this more strategic role. 

Internal audit is a highly skilled profession and in the same way that businesses change over time, internal auditors must evolve too. Becoming professionally qualified shows a commitment to staying up to date and adapting to the needs of the business. It is a visible sign of competence and professionalism that inspires the confidence of boards and audit committees.

Sir Gerry Grimstone
Chairman, Standard Life

2. Enhance your career prospects 

Achieving chartered status will help you reach and operate at the highest level in internal audit. You'll develop the expertise required to audit complex business areas such as organisational culture, strategy and corporate governance. And, the qualification goes beyond 'doing the audit' to provide business acumen and soft skills – valuable transferable skills that will help you perform well in any leadership role. 

In an increasingly complex and fast moving world, stakeholders in an organisation’s governance structure can take comfort that our qualification signals more than just having a badge. Chartered Internal Auditor status differentiates me as a specialist who will act with integrity, provide expert tailored advice, and draw upon Chartered IIA tools and members to ensure I bring the best of the profession’s knowledge and expertise to supporting the organisation I work in.

Peter Wood
Director of internal audit and assurance, National Audit Office

3. Earn more

Becoming chartered could give your earnings a boost too – our latest salary survey suggests Chartered Internal Auditors earn £20k more, on average, than non-qualified internal auditors.

EY encouraged me to do a professional qualification and I elected to gain Chartered Internal Auditor status. The qualification enhanced my knowledge of international global standards and best practice in the audit field, which I utilised to my advantage in advice, guidance and consultancy work within my business. After gaining CMIIA status I was offered a role at JP Morgan, which to me exemplified the respect and value a CMIIA qualification has in the current market.

Sara Hasan
Compliance officer, JP Morgan

By the way, it's easier than you think to study!

We know studying for a qualification can be challenging when you work full time. Our online study system will allow you to study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose. It makes it easy to fit studying in around work, family and friends. The system combines study texts with interactive learning tools and you can discuss ideas with other students and the tutors to gain fresh insight.

We also run workshops, for those who prefer face-to-face tuition. Lots of students use both the online study system and revision workshops, for a blended learning experience. 

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