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When you take the internal audit practitioner apprenticeship, the IIA Certificate forms part of your learning programme. It's an accredited, modular course that leads to the IACert designation. There are no exams to sit and the IIA Certificate is not graded. You will be assessed through personal development logs and your professional experience record.


The IIA Certificate comprises four awards – two core awards, which are mandatory, and two awards from a choice of three.  The Awards may be completed in any order, but it is recommended that the core Awards are completed before the optional Awards are undertaken.


Please choose your date(s) from the list in the table and book your place using the form below. You can book all four at once or just one at a time – it's up to you. 


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Core IIA Certificate awards (do both)

Corporate governance and risk management

24-25 June

19-20 July

2-3 September

14-15 October

18-19 November

2-3 December

6-7 January 2022

3-4 February 2022

3-4 March 2022



Internal audit planning and assurance 

8-9 June

13-14 July

14-15 September

12-13 October

9-10 November

13-14 December

10-11 January 2022

15-16 February 2022

8-9 March 2022

Optional IIA Certificate awards (choose two)

Effective delivery of audit and assurance

12-13 July

16-17 September

11-12 October

8-9 November

2-3 December

17-18 January 2022

14-15 February 2022

14-15 March 2022

Interpersonal skills for audit and assurance

2-3 June

6-7 July

1-2 September

5-6 October

2-3 November

1-2 December

11-12 January 2022

2-3 February 2022

2-3 March 2022

Compliance audit and assurance

26-27 July

23-24 September

18-19 October

15-16 November

9-10 December

24-25 January 2022

21-22 February 2022

21-22 March 2022


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