Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership

Gain a new global leadership qualification

The Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) was developed by IIA Global in collaboration with the Chartered IIA, and launched in 2014.

The new qualification has been embedded into Chartered Internal Auditor status, for members of the Chartered IIA. That means, if you wish to gain the QIAL once you've gained chartered status, there's only one extra step to complete (not applicable for members who completed the Chartered by Experience route).

Studying the QIAL qualification

There are two steps to completing the QIAL qualification:

Step 1: Three case study exams

  • Case study 1: Internal audit leadership
  • Case study 2: Organisational leadership 
  • Case study 3: Ethical leadership

Completing these exams together with a professional experience journal leads to Chartered Internal Auditor status, which is the standard for excellence in internal auditing in the UK, Ireland and internationally. 

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Step 2: Presentation and interview

Upon completion of the case study exams you can gain the QIAL by taking one further assessment which comprises a presentation on the topic of 'Innovation and change leadership' and a panel interview. This assessment is available in London.

Candidates have four years to complete the QIAL qualification. 

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Are you eligible?  

You need to meet one of the following eligibility requirements to complete the QIAL:

  • You hold the CIA and have five years' internal audit experience.
  • You hold the CIA, have 10 years' general management experience, and you are currently employed in a senior internal audit position. 
  • You have 15 years' general management experience, and you are currently employed in a senior internal audit position (no CIA is required).

Don't have five years' experience?

Members who don't have the experience required to complete the QIAL can still take the exams and achieve Chartered Internal Auditor status. You can then take the presentation and interview to achieve the QIAL, if you wish, once you have accumulated enough experience.

Are you an experienced internal audit leader?

If you have significant experience including three years' spent as a head of internal audit, you may be eligible for IIA Global's experiential route (pdf), which is referred to as Program Pathway 2. This replaces the case study exams with a portfolio of professional experience.

Tuition to support your studies

The IIA has developed a new online learning system, designed specifically for the QIAL, which you can access as soon as you're ready to start studying. Tuition isn't mandatory when you study the QIAL, but it is recommended. 

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Other tuition providers may also be available. 

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