QIAL candidates are assessed via three exams, a presentation and a panel interview.

Case study exams 

  • Case study 1: Internal audit leadership (3 hr 45 min)
  • Case study 2: Organisational leadership (3 hr 45 min)
  • Case study 3: Ethical leadership (2 hr 45 min)

Passing the exams leads to Chartered Internal Auditor status.

Presentation and panel interview

  • Presentation: Innovation and change leadership (20 min presentation plus 10 min for Q&A)
  • Final panel interview (60–90 min)

About the presentation and interview

Candidates usually schedule the presentation and final panel interview together, and in most cases they will be assessed by the same panel.

We will be offering presentation and interview assessments in the UK and Ireland from spring 2016.

(a) Presentation: Innovation and change leadership

You will be required to deliver a 20 minute presentation, as if to a board of directors, in which you describe:

  • The role played by internal auditing in helping an organisation remain aware of and effectively manage its current and strategic risks
  • How a head of internal audit should maintain awareness of leading edge practice in internal auditing
  • A description of the innovative internal auditing practice you have selected
  • The intended benefits from the innovative internal auditing practice
  • The process for implementing such an innovation effectively.

The presentation should reflect best practices in internal auditing and draw upon examples from your own professional experience. Communication skills will form part of the overall assessment.

(b) Panel interview

In the final panel interview you will be assessed on your personal experiences, understanding and expertise. The interviewers will assess your:

  • Internal audit leadership
  • Organisational leadership
  • Ethical leadership
  • Innovation and change leadership
  • Interpersonal skills

Read the candidate guide to the presentation and panel interview

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