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Research and insight

The Chartered IIA's research and insight explores the ways internal audit protects and adds value to the modern organisation.

The publications on these pages are aimed at those leading internal audit functions, board members who rely on assurance from internal audit, and policy-makers.

Latest projects

Organisations’ preparedness for Brexit: an internal audit perspective

With the UK committed to leave the EU at the end of March 2019, discover how prepared organisations are for Brexit and what internal audit functions should be doing to support boards and senior management to ensure their organisation is preparing properly. 

Read the report

Risk in Focus 2019

Discover the priority risk areas that organisations face as they look ahead to next year. Our major new report reveals how heads of internal audit across Europe view today’s risk landscape.

Read the report

Chartered IIA response to the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies 

The FRC has proposed five principles for large private companies to improve their corporate governance. 

Read the Chartered IIA's response here

Response to the Independent Review of the Financial Reporting Council

We responded to Sir John Kingman's independent review of the Financial Reporting Council. 

Read the consultation response here

Public sector internal audit career paths

Our latest research shows that internal audit work in the public sector is varied, challenging and rewarding.

Response to the proposed revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code consultation

We responded to the FRC's consultation on the UK Corporate Governance Code. 

Read the consultation response here

Corporate governance reform discussion paper 

Our discussion paper on corporate governance reform in the UK and the update of the UK Corporate Governance Code provides eleven policy proposals for members to comment on. 

Read more about the discussion document

The financial services code review

We recently completed a review of our financial services code, to ensure that it is up to date and fit for purpose.

Read the updated code

Read more about the review

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