Corporate governance

Corporate governance is high on the agenda in the UK, a nation that has long been regarded as a world-leader in the area. But with corporate failures nonetheless still a far too frequent occurrence, the Government is once again looking to reform the corporate governance framework to encourage better management of the risks that have repercussions for the wider economy and on public trust.

Internal audit is a key component of corporate governance and a vital tool for the board and audit committee.

On this page, we bring together our latest materials on the subject. 

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Use our detailed guide to help you audit corporate governance in your organisation. You'll also find the latest legal and regulatory information. 

Chartered IIA response to the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies 

The FRC has proposed five principles for large private companies to improve their corporate governance. 

Read the Chartered IIA's response here

Chartered IIA response to the call for evidence on the Independent Review of the FRC

The government has called for evidence on how the FRC can be improved. 

Read the Chartered IIA's response here

Chartered IIA response to the FRC's consultation on the Proposed Revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code

In December 2017, the FRC produced a consultation on the Proposed Revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code for feedback.

Read the Chartered IIA's response here

Draft UK Corporate Governance Code - proposed changes

The FRC has produced an updated draft UK Corporate Governance Code for consultation. 

Read more about the suggested changes

Corporate governance reform discussion paper 

The Chartered IIA's discussion paper on corporate governance reform provides internal auditors the chance to help shape our approach to corporate governance in the context of our work on the FRC Stakeholder Panel and more widely in the coming months.

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Policy blog: Corporate governance: time to showcase the contribution of internal audit

With public trust at historic lows and corporate governance reforms high on the UK government’s agenda, Chartered IIA policy and external relations director Alisdair McIntosh argues that internal audit has an important opportunity to highlight how it adds value in supporting good governance.

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Whistleblowing and corporate governance

Our whistleblowing report outlines the role of internal audit in whistleblowing and include survey results and examples of policies and practices. Research report and board briefing.

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What every director should know 2015

The second edition of our flagship governance guide “What every director should know”.

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When should an organisation establish an internal audit activity?

To help board members and senior managers decide about the need for internal audit we have put together a short list of questions.

Assess your internal audit needs 

The rotation of heads of audit

The Chartered IIA's position on the appointment and tenure of heads of internal audit.

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What matters to the board

Dr Ian Peters, Chief Executive of the Chartered IIA, speaks to Board Intelligence about internal audit and how it can help boards to achieve their objectives. 

Thanks to Board Intelligence for permission to use the video.