Root cause analysis webinar

Increasingly, internal audit teams are being asked to add more value. One of the ways to address this is to revisit the report-writing process.

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a tool that can help you get to the heart of issues you're auditing. 

The webinar will cover: 

  • What is RCA?
  • Questioning skills to get to the root of the problem.

  • A logic tree framework that ensures root causes are identified quickly.

  • Assessing the size of the issues identified.
  • How to structure your audit assignments so that they are more productive audits and more streamlined/impactful audit findings (which will be demonstrated through a brief case study). 

The webinar is presented by James Paterson, Director of Risk & Assurance Insights and former Head of Internal Audit for AstraZeneca Plc. James leads our training on lean auditing and has successfully deployed RCA techniques in a number of organisations.

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Content reviewed: 11 October 2019

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