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Auditing business functions

Learn how to audit specific areas of an organisation. Our guides cover key business functions and the associated risks to help you plan an internal audit.

Asset management

An introduction to asset management to help you plan an internal audit in this area.

Board diversity

This should provide auditors with good understanding on board diversity and assessing whether a board is diverse.

Business continuity planning

An overview of business continuity, the planning process, relevant legislation and standards and the work that internal audit can do in this area.


Top tips on implementing a regulatory compliance framework. Develop compliance methodology, policies, procedures and a training programme.

Corporate killing

How to mitigate health and safety risks and avoid possible prosecution in light of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Customer service

How to plan your internal audit of the customer services function. We highlight the risks.

Data protection

A new European directive on data protection came into force in 2018. Internal auditors need to understand how this affects their organisation.

GDPR: What? When? Why?

Internal audit can help management better understand and mitigate the related risks.

Key changes in the new GDPR

Key changes in the new GDPR

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