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Internal audit planning best practice

What are the key features to consider in EQAs?

Why your internal audit charter is important

What should be included in the charter?

The role of internal audit in digitalisation

Audit functions need to adapt when their organisation ‘goes digital’

What is an internal audit strategy document and how valuable is it?

Creating a strategy document serves a number of useful functions.

How does EQA benefit internal audit and the audit committee?

What are the top three benefits of an external quality assessment (EQA)?

Grenfell Tower – what value assurance?

Our guest blogger, Monica Dawson, talks about what more auditors could do in the wake of the Grenfell disaster.

Recognising internal audit’s role in cyber risk

The IIA's Liz Sandwith on the growing threat of cyber-attacks and the critical role internal auditors play

Data analytics: the oldest new thing in internal audit

Liz Sandwith's report from the Chartered IIA Irish region's breakfast workshop on data analytics in internal audit

Giving and receiving feedback within internal audit

This blog gives tips on giving feedback in the here and now within internal audit teams.

Giving feedback to stakeholders

Read our top tips on developing a trusted relationship with stakeholders, which will help when you need to provide feedback.

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