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Research report: Implementing the IIA FS Code

This report represents a snapshot of how internal audit functions in financial services institutions have changed since the introduction of the IIA Financial Services Code in 2013

Internal audit planning checklist

Financial services internal audit planning checklist.

Views from the board

Sir Gerry Grimstone, Sir Win Bischoff and Carol Sergeant talk about how boards should use internal audit.

Board briefing: Culture

The Institute has built on its 2014 report on culture and found that organisations are using new and innovative techniques to embed and monitor culture.

Board briefing: Outsourcing and the role of internal audit

Our new report outlines a number of approaches in the private and public sectors to managing the risks associated with supplier relationships, including the practices of internal audit functions.

Board briefing: The role of internal audit in non-financial and integrated reporting

This report provides some early insights into how internal audit can and is beginning to be harnessed by organisations in the vanguard of this new era of non-financial and integrated reporting.

Board briefing: What every director should know 2015

The second edition of our flagship governance guide – “What every director should know”.

Board briefing: Building effective internal audit

This report looks at how firms in the UK financial services sector are implementing the individual recommendations in the Financial Services Code.

Board briefing: Culture and the role of internal audit

The role of internal audit in supporting boards to manage their organisational culture.

Board briefing: When should an organisation establish an internal audit activity?

Key questions to ask when thinking about setting up an internal audit activity.

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