Order new books

Purchase hard copy versions of CIA Learning System

Version 7 of the CIA study books are now available for students who have access to the new online materials. You can place your order by going to https://store.partnerrc.com/iia/prints/. The prices are in USD. Upon checkout, your will see the significant savings that you will receive by choosing to ship from the UK vs the US.

Students who do not have access to version 7 of the CIA Learning System can upgrade by visiting www.learncia.com/upgrade. Please ensure that you choose the online-only upgrade, and then go to https://store.partnerrc.com/iia/prints/ to order the printed books which are shipped from the UK.

Please note: The exam syllabi has not changed. Therefore, upgradingĀ is not mandatory and the version 6.0 materials are still applicable for the current version of the exam.

Please read ourĀ study programme terms and conditions