Live virtual | Urgent responses to COVID-19 challenges

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James Paterson PIIA With a career in both finance and human resources, James was also the head of internal audit for AstraZeneca PLC from 2002-2009. James has been training, consulting and coaching HIAs and their teams since 2010 and runs a number of key courses for the IIA, including the Head of Audit Induction Masterclass, Root cause analysis for internal Audit and Assurance Mapping. James was a member of the IIA Council and has been invited as a speaker at three IIA International conferences. James has had numerous articles published and is the author of the book Lean Auditing, published by J Wiley in 2015.

COVID-19 is turning many audit functions up-side down at the moment, with some being considered for furloughing. If this hasn’t happened, some of the key actions being taken include: 

  • overhauling the audit plan
  • refocussing assignment scopes
  • offering proactive advice and help
  • changing the follow-up process
  • implementing lean/agile ways of working (taster).

Use this half day virtual workshop to make sure you don’t miss anything key.

Who should attend?

Experienced auditors, audit managers and heads of internal audit.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • be clear about plan changes that should/could not be made and that are still compliant with IIA standards
  • develop clarity of the “exam questions” you are addressing
  • have a clear methodology for giving advice so you don’t lose track or get it wrong
  • cut back on most follow-ups but strengthen where this is matters most but staff shortages could threaten this
  • be clear on lean/agile essentials.

Course programme

  • audit planning essentials
  • scoping and work programmes
  • advisory fundamentals
  • emphasising the follow-up process not follow-up audits
  • lean and agile > value, waste, flow, stand-ups, scrums and application to assignments and 2-3 essentials.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Critical thinking
  • Improvement and innovation

4 CPE points

Full price

Member: £300 + VAT
Non-member: £400 + VAT 

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Live virtual | Urgent responses to COVID-19 challenges