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JJ Morris Distinguished Service Award

The JJ Morris Distinguished Service Award recognises members who, over time, have given unusual and outstanding service to the profession by participating in the Institute. The efforts, accomplishments and extraordinary dedication of these individuals have had a major impact on the development of the Chartered IIA and the profession of internal auditing.

The award is made in memory of Joseph (Joe) Morris. Joe was a member of the Institute from 1979 until his death in 1998. President of the Chartered IIA in 1989-90, Joe worked tirelessly and relentlessly to improve the status of internal auditing within government. He was instrumental in the development and launch of the IIA Advanced Diploma.

The award is made by the Council of Directors, usually on an annual basis. Only current IIA members are eligible to receive the award.

Previous recipients

2023 - Paul Boyle OBE FIIA

2020 - Liz Sandwith CFIIA

2019 - John Chesshire CFIIA and Mark Carawan CFIIA

2018 - Martin Robinson CFIIA and Stephen Watson CFIIA

2017 - Marian Silltow CFIIA

2016 - Melvyn Neate FIIA and John Barrett PIIA

2015 - Joyce Drummond-Hill CBE CFIIA

2013 - Phil Tarling CFIIA

2012 - Dr Sarah Blackburn CFIIA

2011 - Mr Richard Nelson FIIA

2010 - Professor Jeffrey Ridley FIIA

2009 - Chris Butler CFIIA

2008 - Professor Andrew Chambers FIIA

2007 - David Bentley FIIA

2006 - Gerry D Cox CFIIA

2005 - Harold J M Izzard FIIA