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News and information for members who are currently studying.

Click here for details on the impact on qualifications of the new Global Internal Audit Standards.

Join our Student Community

Did you know that we have a dedicated special interest group for students studying with us?

It is open to all student members and offers drop-in sessions for students to discuss their studies, ask questions and share insights.

Information of the group can be found at the bottom of the 'Special interest groups' page within our 'Community hub'.

Click here for details.

Extend your CIA Learning System for six months

If your access to the CIA Learning System has expired, but you still have one or more CIA exam part to complete, then you may request an extension for up to six months by completing the form here.

To qualify, you must meet the following three requirements:

  • You are currently registered for a CIA exam part
  • Your online access has or will expire prior to your CIA exam date
  • You have a copy of your “ACTION NEEDED: Schedule Your Exam” confirmation email, including your name and the date you registered for the exam or your eligibility window expiration date

There is a fee for the extension: $200 for a full kit and $100 for an individual part. Details of which are outlined here

New CIA Learning System - Version 7.0

The new version of the CIA Learning System is Version 7.0. This version has been updated to focus on passing the CIA exam parts with speed and is tailored to a candidate’s knowledge gaps, learning style, and schedule.

If you have the Version 7.0 online license, then you may log in to the CIA Learning System. Upon login, you will see a banner ad (featuring the text 'Want to Study with Printed Books?') that links directly to a page on which to order the printed materials. Your purchase will be tied to your account.

CIA exams going online!

IIA Global are implementing online CIA exams in partnership with OnVue, PearsonVue’s online proctoring service.

As part of this change, they have a dedicated page dealing with the online exams, including an extensive FAQ section.

You can book your online exam via the CCMS.

Watch this short video if you are interested in sitting your exam, but want to learn more about online proctoring.

All exams must be booked via the CCMS.


Pearson Vue reported that some of their centres are open for taking exams. At this point it isn’t clear which centres are open so please log on to your Pearson VUE account and search for a centre near you.

Please see the Pearson Vue website for more information.

In the meantime, you can also sit your CIA exam online via proctoring. More information is available on the IIA Global website.

CIA Masterclasses

All CIA Masterclasses will be delivered online and students can book via our website.

But the online delivery is so much more than just an online presentation!

  • Instead of two full days of face-to-face delivery, our online workshops are spread over three or four days with ample breaks to minimize your screen time and allow you to fit all your other priorities easily around the workshop sessions.
  • Content for the different sessions are clearly signposted so you will always know what the session is about before you log on.
  • We included additional practice questions to help you digest the content – either in groups or on your own.
  • All the sessions are recorded and will be available via your Masterclass site. You will not lose access to the Masterclass site, and you can return to any of the sessions and re-watch them as you revise for the exams.
  • You will be able to download all the slides for the different sessions before the sessions start, allowing you to plan and prepare.

In addition, you will still have access to the usual Masterclass content, including summaries, additional notes and Mindmaps. We are also adding more collaborative features to better integrate the synchronous and asynchronous elements, including Wikis and discussion forums.

We believe that the online workshop should never be inferior to a face to face workshop, and instead of merely trying to replicate a classroom environment, should play to the strengths of online delivery and reflect best practice and current trends in online learning. What we are doing should not just see us through the COVID19 pandemic, but lay the foundation for a new breed of online Masterclasses for years to come.

Click here for more information about our CIA masterclasses. 


The delivery of all qualifications tuition, exams and end point assessment for all apprentices will continue online for the foreseeable future.

CIA extensions

If you are close to your completion deadline and your studies have been affected by COVID-19, you can request a free short extension via the CCMS. Simply raise a case via the Help section of your account and request the extension clearly indicating COVID-19 as the reason for the extension request. IIA Global will consider your request and will let you know if it has been successful or not.

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