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Explore member resources and guidance and find out how other internal auditors approach their work. You'll find detailed guides, helpsheets and checklists to help make your job easier, plus guidance on how to comply with our standards and ethics.

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How does EQA benefit internal audit and the audit committee?  

What are the top three benefits of an external quality assessment?

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Retail credit risk
Get an overview of retail credit risk and key audit considerations.

Wholesale credit risk
We look at the types of audits that can be undertaken, the questions auditors should ask, and the regulations in this area.

Auditing remuneration and bonus arrangements
Get insight on the risks associated with fixed and variable remuneration and the controls that may need to be in place to mitigate them. 

Internal audit performance measurement
Performance measurement shows how internal audit adds value. It is also mandated by the Standards. This guide shows what to measure and how to report it.

Raising the profile of internal audit
Internal audit must have a seat at top table or at the very least, the ear of the board and senior executives. To achieve this, you may need to raise its profile. 

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