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Modern slavery and your organisation's reputation

Liz Sandwith draws your attention to the annual report from the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and outlines the implications for internal audit.

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Modern Slavery Act 2015
This guidance will give you an overview of the legislation together with our top tips for internal auditors. 

Brexit update: Data protection
How will the EU directive on data protection impact your organisation following the result of the Brexit vote?

Auditing research and development
R&D is a vital tool for organisations that want to grow and improve. We look at how to plan an internal audit in this area. 

Computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs)
Tips on using technology and analytics to evaluate controls by examining relevant data.

Updated: Bribery Act 2010
We've updated our guidance on the Bribery Act. Read about its main provisions and what actions can be taken to mitigate related risks. 

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