Being a member of the Chartered IIA gives you privileged access to guidance, resources and specialist services.

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Chartered IIA members benefit from:

  • Guidance and technical support
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to networking functions and events

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Continuing professional education (CPE)

As a member of the Chartered IIA, you are required maintain and improve your knowledge, skills and other competencies throughout your career. Our CPE policy provides a framework in which to do this.     

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Fellowship of the Chartered IIA is an honoured position providing a public acknowledgement of a members’ significant experience and contribution to the profession. 

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Being a volunteer is a great way to help shape the Institute and get the most out of your membership. 

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As well as technical guidance, courses and events, we offer various communities for members to get involved in.

These communities are a mixture of regional committees, special interest groups and equal-opportunities initiatives, based on where you work, where you live and what you’re interested in.

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