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Policy and research

Our Policy and Research section explores the various ways internal audit protects and adds value to a modern organisation.

The publications in this section are aimed at those leading internal audit functions, board members who rely on assurance from internal audit, and policymakers.

Latest projects

Risk in Focus 2024

An annual thought leadership research project analysing the top risks faced by organisations across Europe.

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Adapting to Economic Uncertainty: Internal Audit's Journey

This is an opportunity for internal audit to rise to the occasion and showcase their risk management and internal control skill set.

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Embracing data analytics

Our new report reveals that 60% of internal audit functions are already using some form of data-analytics. If you’re not yet using data-analytics it is time to join the majority.

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Fraud is on the rise: step up to the challenge

Now more than ever, organisations and internal audit functions must be on the front foot to tackle fraud risk.

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Risk Overview: Human capital, diversity and talent management

A study into human capital, diversity and talent management. As linked to our Risk in Focus 2022 report.

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Cultivating a healthy culture

A new report on corporate culture exploring challenges and opportunities for internal audit.

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Harnessing internal audit against climate change risk

A critical guide supporting the important role internal audit plays in managing the challenges and opportunities of climate risk.

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Avoiding the blind spot: Supporting financial stability and resilience

A critical guide for navigating financial, capital and liquidity risk, including actions and considerations for internal audit.

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Disruption hub

A dedicated hub, spotlighting internal audit’s relationship with and perception of disruption. Featuring video interviews, case studies, technical guidance, blog content and more.

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Mind the Gap: Cyber security risk in the new normal

A new cyber security report, enabling you to provide assurance on cyber security culture within your organisation.

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Organisations’ preparedness for climate change: An internal audit perspective

A timely report providing an overview of organisations’ preparedness for climate change. Written in partnership with The Climate Group.

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Research reports

Unlock detailed insights and data on key issues affecting the internal audit and beyond.

​Position papers

Get to know our stance on pertinent topics and subject areas of relevance to the profession.

Codes of practice

Understand our standards of practice in internal audit and the causes we work hard to champion.

Consultation responses

Explore our views to public debates on internal audit-related issues. We respond to public consultations where they directly or indirectly affect the interests of the profession, or where we have views that are of value to the debate.

Press releases

Read our media statements in reference to new developments, services and legislative changes.

Press mentions

As an Institute, we’re in constant contact with journalists, reporters and press teams, spreading word of the work we do. See where our publications can be picked up.

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We offer opinion and comment on a range of issues relating to internal audit, principally in the areas of risk management, internal control and corporate governance.

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