Special award

The special award allows the IIA to recognise volunteers and others who have contributed to the profession or the institute. It is one of the ways that the IIA says thank you to those who generously give their time, energy and skills to the work of the institute.

Award criteria

The nominee must:

  • be a current voting IIA member
  • have been active within the IIA on a project or committee at local, regional or national level for a minimum of three years
  • be a capable volunteer, displaying skills that have been of value to the IIA over the year
  • be recognised by their peers as a leading advocate for the profession of internal auditing and as an outstanding contributor to the IIA.

How to make a nomination

Nominations for the 2018 Special Award have now closed.

Previous recipients

2017/2018 - Lee Elliot Cartwright CMIIA
2016/2017 - Mohamed Khan CMIIA and Lisa Griffiths CMIIA
2015/2016 - Pamela McDonald PIIA
2014/2015 - Teri Morgan CMIIA
2013/2014 - Nuala Comerford PIIA
2012/2013 - Helen Higgs CMIIA
2011/2012 - Jim Thomson CFIIA
2010/2011 - Keith Labbett FIIA
2009/2010 - Aidan Allcock CMIIA
2008/2009 - Vicky Kubitscheck CFIIA
2007/2008 - Robert Beattie CMIIA
2006/2007 - Sean O'Broin CMIIA