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Web server changes



When is this happening?

Early morning on Monday 2 December.


What's happening?

We will be making some essential behind-the-scenes changes.  These only affect the web servers that power the website, handle the member login and power the forum.

Nothing else will change. The content on the new servers is identical to the content here.


How does it affect me?

Hopefully it won't affect you. On Monday you should arrive at an identical copy of the website but on the new servers. This should happen automatically.

This will happen if you type in our address or use either a bookmark/favourite link in your browser.


How can I tell which server I'm on?

If you can see this page then your browser is still looking at the old servers. The spider banner and this information page are not in the version at the new servers.


Hey - where's the forum?

At noon on Friday 29 November we will have removed the forum from the navigation to ensure we preserve the discussions, thread and comments.  It will be moved to the new servers and will be available on Monday.


Oh! I can't log into the members area

The servers that power the members login and the forum are now connected to the other copy of the website, so you won't be able to login to the members area/forum on this version of the website.


OK. What do I need to do to get to the new website?

Simple - you have two easy options:

1. Come back again in little while. The details of the new servers are racing through the internet and should fix the redirection within a few hours.

2. Do a forced refresh with your keyboard right now.

On a PC

Ctrl + F5 forces your browser to go all the way to the new servers and bring back the latest copy.

Using Safari on a Mac

Apple (Command) + R will also do the trick.

Still having problems?

Feel free to contact the web team at  They can help and are waiting to answer your emails.

Still stuck? Need to talk to us urgently?

Then call our friendly Customer Services Team on 020 7498 0101.
They will talk you through the refresh step, they can also help you with any other membership issues.


See you on the new servers soon.