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EQA case studies

Get some insight into the EQA process

Read why some of our clients chose to conduct an EQA, what they thought of the process, and how their organisation benefitted. 

United Utilities – value pool

View from audit committee chair Brian May

'The key decision was not whether to do an EQA, but who should do it. Mark put forward the idea of using the Chartered IIA rather than one of the Big Four accountancy firms and we were very pleased with what this produced.

From my point of view it wasn’t time-consuming and I had confidence in the assessor because she’s been a head of internal audit at a FTSE 100 organisation herself. The feedback was well structured and was very positive. This meant there weren’t any huge changes recommended, but I had full confidence in the assessor’s opinion and felt it had gravitas.'

Paragon Bank – a sterling start-up

When specialist buy-to-let mortgage lender Paragon Group decided to open a banking subsidiary, it asked its internal audit department for assurance that its systems and operations were fit for purpose and that it could comply with stringent regulations. The regulators requested an assessment of the bank's internal audit capabilities, so head of internal audit Steve Powell turned to the IIA's EQA service