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In case you missed it: Fighting Fraud, bribery and corruption | 23 November

In this session Dr Michael Skidmore, Head of Serious Crime Research at the Police Foundation, talked the group through the findings of a research conducted on the nature of fraud in the context of public policies and resources in UK policing. He talked about money laundering as one of the main ‘serious’ types of fraud, as well as commercial, predatory fraud based on vulnerability. Different types of fraud are made possible though different types of technology.

You can access the slides and the presenter recording via Egress.

Our next event on Thursday 7 December will be Real time assurance and Root Cause Analysis - shared discussion. Real-time auditing with its focus on frequent interim reporting can provide a way for internal audit to become faster and more responsive in providing real-time assurance. Linked to root cause analysis is a technique for identifying the underlying key causes behind review findings. Understanding the causes means that internal audit can then take action to prevent recurrence of negative outcomes and to promote recurrence of positive ones. Let's explore further.

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