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Disruption hub

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Welcome to our dedicated hub, which spotlights internal audit’s relationship with and perception of disruption.

Here you'll find a series of links to all of our disruption content, including video interviews, case studies, technical guidance and blog content. We have also included some valuable external links for your reference.

What is disruption?

We are living in an age of disruption, defined as fundamental changes to the way organisations and ecosystems operate. Organisations can no longer rely merely on product and service innovations, and instead need to change their business models to survive and succeed.

Disruption comes in many guises, but rarely do so many businesses face disruption from the same source as they have done in the COVID period. The need to adapt and develop at breakneck speed has been hugely challenging, but many have found opportunities to experiment with processes and tools.

Read our guide to disruption

Video interviews

Hear from thought leaders on the topic of disruption by watching our video interviews with them.


Data analysis

As part of our disruption research, we have carried out both roundtable discussions and survey analyses. This research spans the public, private and FS sector an analyses organisational perception of disruption.

Read our roundtable insights

Read our survey insights

Case studies

Our disruption case studies come directly from internal audit professionals and provide compelling insight into how the internal audit profession has been disrupted.

Adrian Herbert | Andrew Gascoyne | David Hill | Holly Sykes | Maxine Grainger | Maya Buchanan | Stephen Bowler

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