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As an Institute, we’re in constant contact with journalists, reporters and press teams, spreading word of the work we do.

Below is a list of key press mentions we’ve secured.



Bloomberg | Cybersecurity Tops Business Risks Challenging European Auditors

Business Money | Businesses facing a poly-crisis reveals new Chartered IIA research

Board Agenda | Reform in Reverse

Financial Times |The UK has no excuse to further delay audit reform

Commercial Risk | Cyber, human capital and macroeconomics top risk list for European auditors

Board Agenda | ‘Fast-moving threats’ will soon challenge boards, warns CIIA


Board Agenda | How to operate during economic uncertainty 

Risk Coalition | Adapting to economic uncertainty 


Accountancy Age |Audit teams must collaborate to weather economic storm, experts say

ICAEW Insights | Boards urged to collaborate with internal audit as interest rates rise

Commercial Risk | CIIA urges boards to elevate internal audit as economic risks increase

Continuity Central | Economic climate is seen as top risk by businesses in the UK and Ireland

Accountancy Today | CIIA urges boards to work with internal audit amid rising interest rates

Strategic Risk | Why risk managers should harness intelligence from internal audit as recession fears grow

Board Agenda | Reports on risk and resilience

Board Agenda | Adapting to Economic Uncertainty


Accountancy Daily | Liquidity and financial risk top threat for businesses

Governance Journal | Building resilience for geopolitical disruption

Continuity, Insurance and Risk Magazine | Risk Outlook

Insider Engage | Navigating the turbulent waters of geopolitical hazards

Commercial Risk | Financial, liquidity and insolvency top European auditor risk list

Strategic Risk |Economic uncertainty fuels financial, liquidity and insolvency fears

Board Agenda | Navigating Geopolitical Risk 

Continuity Central | Business risks move to the top of organizational concerns 

The Accountant | Economic uncertainty fuels financial, liquidity and insolvency fears

Continuity, Insurance and Risk Magazine | CIIA calls for govt action on resilience reforms 

Accountancy Age | FRC announces major overhaul of UK Corporate Governance Code 


Governance & Compliance | Tech Revolution


Enterprise Times | Research from the week beginning 20th February 2023


Accountancy Age | Carillon scandal highlights lack of 'real competitors' in UK audit

Accounting Today | Ukraine anniversary highlights geopolitical risk, audit group warns

Continuity Central | New report looks at the challenges of navigating geopolitical risks

ICAEW | Businesses must take action to weather geopolitical storms

Strategic Risk | Airmic: Resilience essential amidst rising geopolitical tensions

Commercial Risk | Risk managers must expand horizons to combat geopolitical risk: Airmic

CIR Magazine – Firms face further geopolitical disruption

NEDonBoard | Boards must prepare for continual disruption from geopolitical incidents

Board Agenda | ‘Collaboration’ is key to preparing for geopolitical crises

Captive Insurance Times | Geopolitical uncertainty set to worsen, Airmic report says


Accountancy Today | Chartered IIA names Anne Kiem OBE as new CEO

Strategic Risk | Chartered IIA appoints Anne Kiem OBE as CEO


Accountancy Age | FRC to address failing audit market with competitiveness measures

Board Agenda | Embrace data analytics to boost risk assessment advises Chartered IIA

Risk Coalition | Boards, risk professionals and internal audit must work together to navigate the ‘perfect storm’ of high-impact interlocking risks urges Chartered IIA


City A.M. | UK's new government should simply 'get on' with audit reform letter to Rishi Sunak says

Accountancy Daily | Auditors Call On Government to Prioritise Audit Reform

CIR | Fresh Calls for Goverment Action On Audit Reform

Accountancy Age | UK Government Must Get On With Audit Reform Industry Body Says

Financial Times | Ofgem urged to force UK energy companies to have internal auditors

Strategic Risk Europe | IIA highlights governance shortfalls at energy firms

City A.M. | Use artificial intelligence to navigate volatile economy audit body says

Accountancy Daily | Auditors urged to adopt data analytics

CIR | Chartered IIA raises concerns about audit deficiencies at energy suppliers

Strategic Risk Europe | A third of internal auditors are yet to adopt data analytics

Board Agenda | Why we need audit reform right now

Irish Times | Embrace data analytics to mitigate fast-moving risks, says audit body

Board Agenda | News Roundup


Business News Wales | Welsh businesses face 'perfect storm' of risk


Board Agenda | Auditors press for internal controls law

City A.M | Liz Truss urged to 'remain committed' to audit reform

Audit Beacon | New European IIA report offers internal auditors an early glimpse into 2023

International Accounting Bulletin | Businesses face perfect storm of high-impact risks

Strategic Risk | Boards face 'perfect storm' of high-impact risks

Accountancy Daily | Cyber security and staff shortages major risks for internal auditors


Accountancy Daily | Internal auditors need to stop fraud

Accountancy Age | Corporate governance reform vital to address organisational “culture crisis”

i News | Firms warned of ‘perfect conditions’ for fraud to flourish as cost of living crisis gives criminals free rein

City AM | UK's cost of living crisis has created 'perfect conditions for fraud to flourish,' new report says

Strategic Risk Europe | Cost of living crisis fuels risk of fraud

Accountancy Today | CIIA warns of increased risk of fraud amid cost of living crisis


Board Intelligence | In conversation with Gavin Hayes

Continuity, Insurance and Risk Magazine | Conflict in Ukraine exacerbates severity and range of risks - CIIA

Accountancy Daily | Auditors highlight risks of war in Ukraine

Accountancy Age | Blunted audit reforms risk 'pick n mix' approach to reporting

Continuity, Insurance and Risk Magazine | Chartered IIA calls for acceleration of Audit Reform Bill


The Times | 'Perfect storm of risks' amid Ukraine war

The Risk Coalition | Internal audit and risk functions must collaborate to champion a healthy culture

Accountancy Daily | Audit reform delay likely as excluded from Queen's Speech

Accountancy Today | Chartered IIA welcomes draft audit reform commitment in Queen's Speech


Accountacy Age | One year anniversary of BEIS audit reform whitepaper sparks industry frustration

Accountancy Age | FRC to ARGA transition plan sparks industry frustration as audit reform delay persists


Accountancy Today | CIIA pens letter to PM urging audit reform

Accountancy Daily | Internal audit body slates lack of progress on audit reform

Audit Board | Chartered IIA Warns Boards to “Get a Grip” on Unhealthy Corporate Cultures

Compliance Monitor | How the pandemic changed Compliance

Accountancy Age | FRC must address “glacial” efforts to improve UK corporate culture

NEDonBoard | Cultivating a healthy culture: the role of boards and how internal audit can support them

Audit Beacon | New IIA-UK Report Takes a Fresh Look at Auditing Culture

AuditBoard | Boards and Audit Committees Must Take Culture Risks More Seriously

London Business School | New report highlights risks of unhealthy corporate cultures 

Continuity, Insurance and Risk Magazine | Boards urged to ‘get a grip’ on unhealthy corporate culture

Accountancy Daily | Poor corporate culture result of board indifference

Financial Times | Auditors warn of ‘organisational culture crisis’ at UK companies



Accountancy Age | Audit committees must take climate change "a lot more seriously"


edie | Shareholders ignoring auditor approaches to climate risk, report warns

The Times | Auditors are guilty of poor judgment, Financial Reporting Council claims

City AM | Accounting watchdog: Third of all audits ‘unsatisfactory’ amid fears sector reforms will be watered down

The Risk Coalition | Risk in Focus - what's on the risk radar?

City AM | Prospect of watered down UK audit reforms draws criticism

Financial Times | Scaled back UK audit reforms attract investor anger

Accountancy Today | Chartered IIA raises concerns over audit reform reports

Accountacy Daily | Internal auditors urge government to hold directors accountable


ICAEW | Six ways to embed climate change risk management

Asia Insurance Review | Global: Cyber security tops ranking of organisational risks for 2022

Accountancy Age | SMEs can capitalise on “perfect storm” with salary sacrifice EV schemes

Accountancy Age | Less than two thirds of organisations are taking net zero action, survey finds

Accountancy Daily | Internal audit teams need to prioritise climate risk


edie | Report: 9 in 10 European businesses not properly preparing for climate risks

Accountancy Daily | Cyber attacks and financial liquidity biggest risk for auditors


Accountancy Age | Statutory audit must “make more use” of internal audit expertise


Accountancy Age | ICAEW and ACCA slam BEIS plans for new professional body for corporate auditors


Financial Times | Hybrid working makes it harder to detect fraud, auditors warn


City AM | Chartered IIA calls on government to extend mandatory climate reporting to smaller businesses


The Risk Coalition | Mind the Gap: cyber security risk in the new normal

City AM | BEIS urged to set out implementation timetable for Sarbanes-Oxley-style audit reform 

Bloomberg | Bonuses Are Targeted in U.K. Crackdown on Audit Scandals

Accountancy Age | Once in a generation’ audit reforms published

Professional Security | Cyber risk in the new normal

Accountancy Age | Audit reforms will be published ‘shortly’ says government


European Business Magazine | Over half of businesses suffered a cyber attack within the last twelve months

City AM | Half of businesses suffered a cyber-attack in last 12 months


City AM | Singapore audit reform stresses need for UK action, IIA warns



Accountancy Today | Chartered IIA calls on the government to ‘urgently’ accelerate UK audit reform

Accountancy Today | CIIA warns majority of businesses are unprepared for climate change

Edie | Half of UK businesses 'have not prepared for climate risks', survey finds

Accountancy Age | Pandemic accelerates need for audit reform


Accountancy Today | Chartered IIA report highlights top risks in industry

Accountancy Daily | Half of internal audit functions affected by coronavirus redeployment

Accountancy Today | Half of internal audit teams affected by Covid-19 redeployment


Accountancy Daily | Internal audit leader makes case for regulator with real power

Internal Audit 360 | Internal Audit Group Releases New Code of Practice

Accountancy Today | FRC welcomes Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors’ new code

Accountancy Age | 'Status, scope and skills of internal audit' must be increased says Chartered IIA

Reuters | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

This is Money | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

London South East | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

U.S. News | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

The Business Times | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

City AM | New internal audit code of practice launched to help prevent corporate collapses

Business Insider | New Internal Audit Code aims to prevent another Carillion-style collapse

Nasdaq | UK Stocks-Factors to watch on Jan. 9

Accountancy Daily | Revised internal audit code focuses on risk management

Third Sector | New code says internal auditors should have unrestricted access to charities

Yahoo! News | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

Reuters (India) | UK Stocks-Factors to watch on Jan. 9

Firstpost | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

Street Insider | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

Reuters (Africa) | UPDATE 1-UK Stocks-Factors to watch on Jan. 9

Business Telegraph | UK companies ‘paying lip service’ to governance

Compliance Week | Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors publishes new Internal Audit Code of Practice 

Flipboard | New UK industry code aims to prevent Carillion-style crashes

Charity Digital News | Charities offered guidance on avoiding financial problems 

FT | UK companies are only ‘paying lip service’ to governance reform   



Accountancy Age | Brydon Report: Industry reacts to findings and audit recommendations


City AM | John McDonnell says Labour will break up Big Four ‘cartel’

FT | MPs berate ‘audit automatons’ over Thomas Cook collapse


City AM | Government faces calls for reform as data shows dominance of big four audit firms

Accountancy Age | Deloitte report shows companies putting 'success factors' ahead of profit

Accountancy Age | Deloitte report shows companies putting 'success factors' ahead of profit

FT | Big Four lift UK market share as audit reform concerns grow

Times | Number may be up for the KPMG members’ club in Grosvenor Street, Mayfair

Accountancy Age |  FRC releases revised UK Stewardship Code

Yahoo Finance | UK asset managers face tougher checks on investment policy, green credentials

UK Investing | UK asset managers face tougher checks on investment policy, green credentials | UK asset managers face tougher checks on investment policy, green credentials

Reuters | UK asset managers face tougher checks on investment policy, green credentials

The Times | Pension law targets new digital dashboard and reckless bosses 


City AM | Internal auditors name cybersecurity as the top risk faced by their businesses

Accountancy Today | Cybersecurity named ‘top risk’ to businesses by internal auditors

Accountancy Daily | Cybersecurity tops list of business risks 


 City AM | Auditors 'should have unlimited access' to avoid another Carillion

Accountancy Daily | IIA consults on code of practice to raise internal audit standards

Business Insider | Businesses to get audit code of practice to prevent corporate disasters 


Reuters| UK internal auditors call for reinforcement after Carillion crash

Mail Online| UK internal auditors call for reinforcement after Carillion crash

EuroNews | UK internal auditors call for reinforcement after Carillion crash


Accountancy Daily| CMA’s joint audit proposals divide opinion

Independent | Watchdog orders major shake-up of big four accountancy firms but does not recommend full split

Accountancy Age | The CMA has released its final report into the future of the audit market

Insider | Watchdog calls for big four accountants to separate auditing arms from consultancy


FT | UK accounting watchdog to be replaced by stronger regulator



Evening Standard | Auditor calls for private firms to have tougher standards to stop BHS repeat


FT | Internal audit has failed to look at the bigger picture