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IIA takes part in risk appetite panel

24 October 2011

Jackie Cain, policy director for the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), will form part of a team of experts at an upcoming question time panel on risk appetite on 16 November in London.

Cain leads the IIA's policy research and development programme, which is focussed on influencing the decisions of businesses, government and regulators. She joins the panel after recently welcoming the Institute of Risk Management's (IRM) risk appetite whitepaper for stimulating debate on the practical challenges of risk management. 

Cain's experience takes in accountancy with Arthur Anderson and internal audit with Kingfisher and  a hi-tech Silicon Valley firm across Asia, Europe and the US. She will use her expertise to discuss ways to define and measure risk appetite, applying the concepts of risk appetite and tolerance, and how control and audit fit into the bigger picture.

Chris Hodge, head of corporate governance at the Financial Reporting Council, and Anthony Hilton, financial editor at the London Evening Standard, will join Cain on IRM's expert panel at the Hilton Hotel Paddington, London.

IRM question time panel: risk appetite
16 November, 2011 
Hilton Hotel Paddington, London, UK