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Mind the Gap: Cyber security risk in the new normal

Cyber security is without a doubt the perennial risk of the 21st century, and it has been particularly exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have had to juggle competing priorities and operational disruption whilst ensuring that working devices and networks are secure. At the same time, criminals have sought to capitalise on the crisis by exploiting remote working protocols through increasing the pace and sophistication of cyber-attacks.

To help you make sense of this growing risk area is our cyber security report ‘Mind the Gap: Cyber security risk in the new normal’. A tool enabling you to provide assurance on cyber security culture within your organisation.

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About the report

The aim of this report is to highlight the gap in assessment of cyber security practices in organisations and to encourage internal audit teams in supporting their organisations to be cyber resilient and future-proof.

A total of 177 senior internal auditors participated in the survey which formed the basis of this research, and we also conducted four in-depth interviews with CAEs and cyber security professionals who have done some interesting work in this sphere. These have formed four case studies which illustrate good practice internal audit in promoting a good cyber security culture and we hope that they will serve as inspiration for other internal audit teams to do the same.

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