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Student transition to 2024 IPPF Global Internal Audit Standards

On January 9 2025 new Global Internal Audit StandardsTM will take effect.

During the transition period your syllabus will continue to reference the 2017 IPPF/Standards.

We explain the transition below.

Members currently registered on any of the programmes, or those looking to register, are urged to continue with their studies.

Please note that we will be publishing additional information on this page as it becomes available.

Should you have any questions, please contact

For more information on the changes click here 

Certified Internal Auditor

The CIA exam will not change before May 2025.

  • Notice of changes to the CIA exam will be provided at least one year in advance.
  • Detailed information and various scenarios will be provided to all in-process candidates with ample time to prepare and determine their best course of action.
  • The CIA Learning System will not be updated before May 2025.
  • Candidates seeking to obtain the CIA credential are encouraged to apply today.

The CIA syllabus will be updated to reflect the new Standards and this will result in changes to Parts 1 and 2 as these are closely related to the Standards. There may be smaller changes to Part 3 but as this exam is more focused on knowledge about the organisation, changes are expected to be minimal.

We do not expect further changes to the CIA syllabus other than it aligning to the new standards.

Support based on the revised syllabus is expected from January 2025.

Information about the exact changes and dates will be published as soon as these become available. 

We will also be running a series of webinars to existing students to brief you on the exact changes and the options open to you.

Internal Audit Practitioner

Timescales to be confirmed. It is expected that the new revised syllabus will be examinable from January 2025 and the materials will be updated accordingly

IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk

The IIA Certificate syllabus and content will be updated to reflect the new standards. While the exact date is not yet confirmed, the expectation is that PDLs and PERs submitted after January 2025 will need to reflect the new standards.

Chartered by Learning

The syllabus will be updated to reflect the new Standards.

Cohorts commencing their studies in March 2025 will be examined against the new Standards.   As this will be the first review of the Chartered by Learning syllabus, we expect that there will be further changes to the pedagogy and the assessment methodology.  These will be communicated in due course and we will support students who are currently on programme to transition to the revised syllabus.

The publication date of the new syllabus has not been agreed yet, and will be communicated as soon as this has been confirmed.

Chartered by Experience

The competencies for the Chartered by Learning assessment will be updated, but the revised competencies are unlikely to be assessed before January 2025.


Changes to the IIA Certificate, Internal Audit Practitioner, and the Certified Internal Auditor will also be reflected in the End Point Assessment for both the Level 4 and Level 7 apprenticeships.   Depending on the exact implementation dates of the professional certifications, Level 4 apprentices who go through gateway based on the existing internal Audit Practitioner syllabus will be assessed on the existing standards. Similarly, Level 7 apprentices going to gateway based on the current Chartered by Learning syllabus will be assessed against the existing standards. We will communicate further with training providers to provide clarity for all parties.


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