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Course schedules and recommended reading

Course schedules

Our Chartered by Learning study route comprises two modules (module 1 and module 2), and each module has its own dedicated course schedule.

Click here to view the course schedule for modules 1 and 2.

Please note that the schedule dates may be subject to small changes from time to time.

Recommended reading

As part of your learning programme, we'll provide you with micro-courses and resources.

You'll be assessed at a post-graduate level, and you'll need to read more widely than the reading materials we provide.

Additional recommended reading includes:

  • Chartered IIA resources
  • Media and current affairs
  • Other printed and online sources

We suggest you consider purchasing a recognised book on strategy.  There are many different books that are very good, but we think the following may be very useful. 

For Module 1: Strategy                                                                                                             

Rating: Essential read

Whittington, R., Regner, P., Angwing, D., Johnson, G., and Scholes, K. 2020. Exploring Corporate Strategy. 12th edn. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd. 

A comprehensive book on strategy, addressing everything from strategic analysis and implementation, to change and leadership.  

For Module 1: Strategy                                                                                                               

Rating: Good to read

Jones, G.R. 2013. Organizational Change Theory, Design and Change. 7th edn. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd. 

Jones focuses on organisational structures, offering a different angle on organisational theory from Whittington et al. In this way, his book complements Whittington et al well. In addition, the book addresses organisations across the globe, so you learn a range of approaches to organisational design. 

For Module 1: Strategy & Module 2: Leadership                                                             

Rating: Good to read

Schein, E.H. 2017. Organizational Culture and Leadership. 5th edn. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.  

A well-respected book that explores the relationship between leadership and organisational culture. However, it's quite a lengthy book, so it can feel a bit intimidating. Nonetheless, if culture and leadership is an area that you want to explore, then this book is well worth a read. 

Getting hold of the books 

Note that we’ve listed the most recent editions of the books. However, you may find earlier editions are all you need, and these will be cheaper, particularly secondhand ones. There are many sites online that sell secondhands books, including some universities and charities. 

You might find you can get hold of business and management books from your local library, too.