Composition of Council

The Council is comprised of a maximum of 15 directors. There may be up to four categories of director at any one time:

  • Nine elected directors - elected by the voting members of the Chartered IIA. Elections are held each year, with one third of the directors standing down in each year. Elected directors must be voting Institute members.
  • The Chief Executive, who is a director by right of office.
  • Up to five directors at large - voting Institute members, nominated by the Council and elected by the membership at the AGM.
  • Up to three co-opted directors - appointed by decision of the Council and need not be members of the Institute.

The sectors represented by Council should reflect the composition of the membership. The current directors are from the following sectors: 

  • Banking  3
  • Central Government  3
  • Local Government  2
  • Public Sector 2
  • Consultancy 1
  • Manufacturing  1
  • Retail  1