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Our purpose, strategy and values

Our purpose is to champion and support internal auditing for the benefit of our members, organisations and society.

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors is the voice of the internal audit profession. We are the only professional body dedicated exclusively to raising the profile of the vital work of internal auditors in the UK and Ireland.

We champion and promote the valuable contribution our members make to good corporate governance, strong risk management and a rigorous internal control environment. This important work ensures the long-term success of organisations. By playing a key role in supporting boards and senior management in identifying, managing and mitigating their major risks effectively, internal audit help to protect the assets, reputation and sustainability of organisations. In turn they protect jobs, investments and growth across all sectors of our economy.

We are dedicated to supporting, educating, training, developing, promoting, and advocating for the internal audit profession. Our ability to award Chartered status through our Royal Charter is the benchmark for leadership in internal audit and recognises an internal auditor’s commitment to excellence by meeting the profession’s rigorous requirements and international standards.

We act in the public interest by delivering these key services.

Our values

We want to create a positive and supportive environment for ourselves and our members by building trust and loyalty.

Integrity – we act in a way that is honest, consistent, and fair.
Respect – we value the worth and dignity of others.
Member-focussed – we put the needs and interests of our members first.
Professional – we are knowledgeable, competent and set ourselves high standards.

Chartered IIA 3 Year strategic objectives

1. Developing and supporting talent for our members and our own organisation

a) Developing talent e.g. certifications, training, pipeline, outreach (lifecycle of an internal auditor)
b) Sharing good practice e.g. forums, events, conferences
c) Creating networks e.g. sectoral and demographic groups
d) Celebrating excellence in the profession e.g. Chartered IIA Awards, stories
e) Supporting our members.

2. Building knowledge and understanding for our membership and our own organisation

a) Providing timely insights
b) Conducting impactful research
c) Delivering quality assurance services
d) Providing technical guidance
e) Being a key source of information
f) Building partnerships on, for example, research.

3. Influencing for the profession

a) Promoting awareness of internal auditors
b) Building relationships with key stakeholders
c) Partnering effectively e.g. IIA Global
d) Influencing policy makers, regulators and external stakeholders.

4. Creating a sustainable and resilient Chartered IIA