Council Committees

The IIA Council has five standing committees, detailed below. Click on the committee name to find out about each committee's role and responsibilities: 

Audit Committee

Chair - Gary Stewart CMIIA

Committee members:

Natalie Butler

Piyush Fatania CMIIA

Simon Owen CMIIA

Elizabeth Stevenson PIA CIA

Business and Finance Committee

Chair - Jon Whitfield CMIIA

Committee members:

Arleen McGichen CMIIA

Paul Day CMIIA

Michal Siwiec CMIIA

Steve Stanbury CIA

Nominations Committee

Chair - Paul Day CMIIA

Committee members:

Peter Elam CMIIA

Moya Moore CMIIA

Dermot Byrne CMIIA

Remuneration Committee

Chair - Peter Elam CMIIA

Committee members:

Carolyn Clarke CMIIA

Moya Moore CMIIA

Dermot Byrne CMIIA

Jon Whitfield CMIIA