Council election results

The results of our 2021 council elections are in!

The final votes for each candidate, as gathered by Civica Election Services (CES), are as follows:

Candidates Votes cast Elected?
Steve Evenden 195 ELECTED
Sandro Boeri 170 ELECTED
Angela Craca 160  
Kris De Bruyne 160  
Mark Taylor 109  
Richard Brasher 100  
Hossameldin El Shaffei 78  

Important information

Civica Election Services can confirm that, as far as is reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied to us for the purpose of the election:

  1. Was sent the details of the election, and
  2. If they chose to participate in the election, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded.

All voting material will be stored for twelve months.

Our Meet the council page will be updated to reflect the above results in October 2021. Stay tuned.