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We round up the latest business and regulatory news to affect the internal audit profession. Read on for the latest news affecting internal auditors.




News round-up: May/June 2024

Consultation on Chartered IIA's Internal Audit Codes of Practice; directors escaping penalties for corporate crime; ICO guidance on fining processes; SFO considers paying whistleblowers; executives fear litigation from ESG risks; risk management tops priorities for ethics programmes; employers told to support workers through menopause; FCA to accelerate enforcement cases; climate transition impact reporting inadequate.



News round-up: March/April 2024

Chartered IIA welcomes revised Corporate Governance Code; new resources to help CAEs conform to the Global Internal Audit Standards; CAEs urged to respond to consultation on Cyber Governance Code of Practice; FCA proposes lighter listing rules; EU approves AML watchdog; AI creating new risks of crime in financial services sector; ICO consults on Gen AI; disinformation tops global risks; climate litigation is a trillion-dollar risk for big polluters; Chartered IIA urges Ofwat to make internal audit mandatory; Obituary: David Phyall, President of the IIA UK & Ireland 1990-91



News round-up: January/February 2024

Consultation on Chartered IIA's Internal Audit Codes of Practice; new powers to combat money laundering; cyber security and data protection; sanctions breaches; guidance on monitoring employees; the risks of message "overload"; compliance and tech top concerns for risk managers; warning that finance functions are too slow to adopt AI.



News round-up: November/December 2023

Corporate reporting on resilience; economies hit by natural disasters; TNFD's guidance on nature-related risk disclosures; proposals for tougher anti-money laundering rules; cost of data breaches; rising risk of class actions in Europe; financial services regulators seek to boost diversity and inclusion.  


News round-up: September/October 2023

Adapting to economic uncertainty; scenario models and climate risk; artificial intelligence; customer perceptions of ethical behaviour; diversity of expertise on boards; insider threats from AI access to shadow databases; cloud data breaches; employee stress; calls for ESG reporting guidance; Chartered IIA anniversary.


News round-up: July/August 2023

Corporate Governance Code; COSO guidance on sustainability; financial risks; disruption; cybercrime; ChatGPT risks; cyber-risk guidance; resilience.


News round-up: May/June 2023

Climate change; geopolitical risk; Chartered IIA advocacy wins stronger Ofgem commitment to corporate governance; violent political risk; handbook of ways to combat corruption; enterprise risk-management strategies; ESG expectations; new advice on mapping supply chains; red flags for bank failures.


News round-up: March/April 2023

Audit committee skills gaps; FCA fines; AI risks; global risks from the World Economic Forum; zero-trust control failures; fears of supply-chain disruption; financial crime; cyber attacks.


News round-up: January/February 2023

Anti-greenwashing rules; climate change; data breaches; corporate governance disclosure failings; resilience; foreign bribery enforcement; guidance on monitoring employees; supply chain risk; risk tolerance and preparedness for disruption.




News round-up: November/December 2022.

Ransomware attacks; fraud; resilience; risk management; boardroom diversity gaps; guidance on ESG data; anti-money-laundering; cloud security; whistleblowing and corporate governance; and a guide to corporate finance.


News round-up: September/October 2022

Stronger crime laws; predicted rise in AI and legal disputes; data breaches; ransomware attacks; guide to the new resilience statement; climate change risks; app security.


News round-up: July/August 2022

Cyber crime; flood-risk insurance; natural disasters; ESG and supply chain fraud on the rise; ransomware; supply chain resilience; the government's response to its consultation on audit reform.


News round-up: May/June 2022

Fraud risk increases; tips for resilience; key risks on the horizon; Gartner's top challenges for internal audit; ESG risks; "highly evasive adaptive risks"; agile ERM guidance.


News round-up: March/April 2022

WEF Global risks report; fines for financial crime; top supply chain risks for 2022; FRC investigations; remit of audit committees; privacy management; Corporate Governance Code compliance.


News round-up: January/February 2022

Covid and climate change dislosures; bribery and corruption; Great Resignation risk; risk management; cyber security; emerging supply chain risks; risk appetite; FRC expectations of audit.



News round-up: November/December 2021

New Chartered IIA explainer video; artificial intelligence; compliance risk; resilience; global supply chain risk; whistleblower best practice; data integrity; innovation; remote working and more.


News round-up: September/October 2021

Climate change; the cost of financial crime compliance; anti-money-laundering weaknesses; ESG reporting; cyber security and plenty more.


News round-up: July/August 2021

New financial stability report; lessons from crises; resilience; next-generation technology for internal auditors; tips for surviving ransomware attacks; data leaks; third-party failures; cybercrime; regulation to ensure trustworthy AI; and blockchain.


News round-up: May/June 2021

Audit reform proposals; Chartered IIA community hub; climate change risks; cyber risk management; Brexit disruption; building a culture of resilience; six principles for board governance of cyber risk.


News round-up: March/April 2021

Post-Covid recovery; reputation risks; business agility; Covid accounts disclosure; cyber security committees; risk priorities; climate change action; home working duty of care.


News round-up: January 2021

Post-pandemic risks, a new guide to cyber and ERM, supply chain resilience and plenty more.



Chartered IIA highlights impacts of Covid-19 on internal audit

Read our news piece on the impact of COVID-19 on internal audit, including a look at our Internal Audit in Lockdown report.

News round-up: November 2020

Bribery, climate change, Brexit planning, anti-corruption measures, lessons in crisis management, workforce resilience, security data and more.


News round-up: September 2020

Climate change, COVID-19 risks, supply chains and third-party risk, the benefits of "coopetition", cyber crime and more.


News round-up: July 2020

COVID-19 mapping, AI and decision making, advice for risk committees; and other stories.


News round-up: May 2020

Top global risks, as identified by scientists, GDPR news, trade tensions, secrets from cyber leaders, and plenty more.


News round-up: March 2020

WEF ranks environmental risks in the top five hot spots, EBA publishes security risk management guidelines and much more.

The Institute's response to the coronavirus situation

The Institute is continuing to monitor developments involving the coronavirus and is following relevant advice from government.


Institute President steps down mid-term

Mark Lenton has stepped down as the Institute’s President due to restrictions on his time resulting from commitments within his main employed work role.



News round-up: September 2019

We round up the latest business and regulatory news to affect the internal audit profession.

CIAN celebrates its 25th anniversary

Read about the Charities Internal Audit Network's 25th anniversary and the important developments in the support it offers.


Law Commission calls for new guidance to improve anti-money-laundering regime

The Law Commission has called for a new advisory board and statutory guidance to reduce wasted time and improve the UK’s ability to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing. 

Top supply chain trends 2019

A new report from BSI identifies five major themes most likely to impact supply chains in 2019.

Audit & Risk Awards 2019: Reimagining internal audit

They’re back! The Audit & Risk Awards are now in their fifth year and we are delighted to be working again in partnership with PwC to make them bigger and better than ever. See the future? Enter the Audit & Risk Awards today.

Audit & Risk Awards 2019: Categories and criteria

The Audit & Risk Awards 2019 are now live. Nominate today.

Audit & Risk Awards 2019: top tips for a good nomination

Reimagining internal audit? The Audit & Risk Awards 2019 offer you a unique opportunity to showcase how you and your team are helping to forge the internal audit practices and people the profession needs to carry it forward and meet the future needs of businesses. Don't hold back. Nominate today.

Network: support the change agenda

More now than ever, it feels as if innovation and change are all around us – in the external environment and within our own organisations and businesses. Discover why it's important that we embrace internal audit’s role in understanding the change that organisations are subject to.

Audit & Risk Awards 2019: What makes a good nomination?

Understand what makes a good nomination in the Audit & Risk Awards.

Audit & Risk Awards 2019: Top tips from the judges

All the information you need to know about the judging process for the Audit & Risk 2019 Awards – plus useful tips for entrants from judges in previous years.

The Audit & Risk Awards 2019: Key facts

Explore the main selling points of the Audit & Risk Awards. 

ACCA develops "risk gearbox"

A new report from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) reveals how board-level risk management activities vary in organisations as a result of internal and external factors. Read more about the study here. 

Audit & Risk Awards 2019 – new deadline for nominations

The deadline for entries for the Audit & Risk Awards 2019 has been extended to 30 August. Start planning your entry now.

PASA publishes cyber security guidance for pension schemes

New cyber security guidance for pension schemes has been issued by The Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA). 

ICAS calls for UK Sarbanes-Oxley regime

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland is calling for the UK to implement a US-style Sarbanes-Oxley regime to increase transparency and improve governance assurance.


Financial services optimism falls at fastest rate since the financial crisis

Sentiment and volumes are deteriorating sharply in the financial services sector, with various indicators at their lowest since the Financial Crisis of 2008, according to this CBI/PwC Financial Services Survey. Read on for details. 

Price cuts in the construction sector put firms at risk warns ICAEW

Lowest-price tendering is forcing contractors to price their work at unrealistically low levels, which is likely to have serious consequences for the construction industry, according to a report by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).

FRC publishes draft Plan and Budget 2019/20

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published its draft Plan and Budget 2019/20, which sets out its priorities for the year and the resources it will need.  Read the draft Plan and Budget now.

AI growth adds to audit skills

Technologies such as AI are reshaping the future of IT auditors, but auditors are largely optimistic about the future, according to research from global tech association ISACA. 

EBA publishes revised guidelines on outsourcing

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has released revised guidelines on outsourcing arrangements setting out specific provisions for the governance frameworks of all financial institutions within the scope of the EBA’s mandate with regard to their outsourcing arrangements and related supervisory expectations and processes. The guidelines include a specific section on requirements for business continuity planning.

Chartered IIA members gain Global IIA awards

Congratulations to Jennifer Hurley and Percy Mupita, both members of the Chartered IIA, who have been awarded Global IIA awards for achieving some of the world’s highest exam results in their CIA exams in 2018. Read more on their success stories here. 

Machine learning creates ethical challenges for accountants

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more relevant for many organisations as the hype increasingly becomes reality, according to a report from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). But the huge opportunities need to be balanced by care to navigate the ethical challenges ahead.

ICAEW calls for ethical framework for big data

The ICAEW has called for a new ethical framework for the use of big data. The lack of one risks undermining the social purpose of financial services, it warned. It called for businesses, consumers and regulators to work together to protect vulnerable people from being exploited by the growing use of data and artificial intelligence.

Web attacks make finance the most targeted sector in EMEA

Finance is once again the most attacked sector in EMEA, according to a report by security company NTT Security. An increase in the number of web attacks on financial organisations pushed business and professional services into second place.

Companies urged to recognise the benefits of whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is central to the plurality of checks and balances that allow businesses to thrive. A new report from ICAEW, "How whistleblowing helps companies", discusses the importance of effective whistleblowing and provides guidance for boards on how to create environments that encourage it.

New technologies drive innovation in banking

Retail bank executives are refocusing their innovation strategies, with 36 per cent looking to build a greenfield digital bank, according to a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on behalf of software company Temenos.