Continuing professional education

As a member of the Chartered IIA you are required maintain and improve your knowledge, skills and other competencies throughout your career. Our CPE policy provides a framework in which to do this.  

CPE during COVID-19

We recognise that this has been a challenging year, and that finding the time or capacity to focus on your own development may have been difficult. However, now more than ever, professional development is very important for you. As the world has been forced to change, this too has impacted the way that businesses operate. As a result, internal auditors have had to move quickly to adapt the way they work and ensure their knowledge, skills and behaviours remain relevant in order to best advise the organisations with which they work. 

The CPE requirement for practising qualified members is 40 hours per annum, and for non practising members, 20 hours. Unless there is an individual hardship case, we will not be able to adjust this requirement. If you report your CPE to IIA Global, and believe you qualify for a hardship case, then you will need to request an exemption or reduction in the hours you need to evidence by logging an incident in your CCMS record prior to the CPE reporting deadline. Neither IIA Global nor the Chartered IIA will recognise the furlough scheme as a hardship reason. This is because training and development was a permitted activity while on furlough.

The Chartered IIA is helping support you by providing an ever increasing pool of resources online, and thereby giving the opportunity for all of our members to complete meet their CPE requirements. We recognise that this year they may have been less opportunity to attend formal development activities, and we are therefore adopting a more flexible approach to activities completed. We understand that less formal learning may not generate a completion certificate. In these circumstances completion of our 'self claim' CPE template will suffice. 

We strongly recommend that you keep a record of your CPE and the relevant supporting evidence as you go through the year. You will only be required to submit this evidence if you are selected as part of the audit each year, either by the Chartered IIA or IIA Global.

For those who still have CPE points to achieve, there are still lots of opportunities to do this. Have at a look at the suggested activities available in the CPE pages below.

A basic guide to CPE

Understand our CPE policy and discover how to collect evidence and record points as part of your formal learning.

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How to plan your CPE activity

Find out how our core competency framework can help you plan your CPE and achieve success.

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How to record your CPE activity

Download our handy template for recording CPE activity and discover working examples of what a record template looks like.

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Understand what’s required of CMIIA and PIIA members at a CPE compliance level including how to submit evidence and where to send it.

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Get to know your CPE requirements as a Certified Internal Auditor and learn what counts as CPE.

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Learn about the CPE requirements for QIAL holders and the activities that contribute towards gaining CPE points at leadership level.

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CPE employer accreditation

Get to know our CPE accreditation scheme and how it benefits organisations who employ Institute members.

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Latest updates

CPE reporting for CIA and QIAL holders: deadline is 31 December

Members who hold the CIA and/or the QIAL and who are due to report their CPE this year can now do so via IIA Global's CCMS system. The deadline for doing this is 31 December. To declare your compliance you will need to log in to the CCMS and select the relevant CPE form. A fee of $30 per certification will apply.

Retired members, who are exempt from CPE, still need to log in to the CCMS and complete a 'retired status' form for each certification. There is no fee for doing this.

Read more about the CPE requirements for the CIA and the QIAL

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