Much of the guidance and technical content we produce is informed by things going on in the news. And, as an expert on all things internal audit, we make it our priority to stay abreast with current affairs.

In the following news stories, we take an audit lens to big issues facing the profession and invite you to draw your own conclusions using insights derived from the guidance we provide.

All news stories are broken up by theme to help you navigate your understanding of how they apply to the profession. 

Artificial intelligence

Often, companies follow an ad-hoc approach to building talent. They hire new, skilled workers in spurts and rely on online-learning platforms, and executive-level programs to train existing employees. Is this true of the approach to upskilling internal auditors?

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Climate change

If there's one thing our Risk in Focus 2020 report has brought to light, it's the threat of climate change. In a comparative read, we discover why companies all over the world are at risk from climate change and what they need to do to manage that risk. 

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UK company directors should make sure they reflect the latest guidance and regulatory requirements on climate change in their decision-making, to guard against any future risk of legal action.

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Brexit and GDPR are challenges for all organisations. In her recent blog post, UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham explores what's to come for SMEs transferring personal data to and from the EEA. 

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Content reviewed: 7 October 2019