Local Authority Internal Audit Virtual Forum

Welcome to our Local Authority Internal Audit Virtual Forum. A monthly virtual forum aimed at internal auditors in local authorities, providing an open environment to share knowledge and experience, air concerns and support each other under Chatham House rules.

Why join us?

Our Local Authority Internal Audit Virtual Forums are interactive MS Teams-based discussions which invite you to converse and collaborate with peers, section 151 officers, and guest speakers (usually subject matter experts), and share your own experiences. The Institute also offers technical and practical guidance where relevant.

Originally set up in response to pandemic challenges, the forum is now a fundamental source of interaction and support for members on a wide range of topics.

The forum is chaired by Piyush Fatania, a member of our council, with support from John Wood, our CEO, Liz Sandwith, our Chief Professional Practices Advisor, and Derek Jamieson, our Regions Director.

How to join us

The forum is invitation-only. Please contact Liz Sandwith (liz.sandwith@iia.org.uk) to request an invitation or to offer to present.

Forum schedule

All meetings take place monthly on a Wednesday at 15:30 on MS Teams and run for 45 minutes.


Discussion topic

15 December


Latest key takeaways

Stay abreast of our forums as they happen. To help you keep track and understand what's covered, we have labelled all of our recent forums by their headline topics. 


24 November | Organisational change and digital transformation

27 October | Culture - EDI

29 September | Risk in Focus 2022

25 August | Fraud

21 July | Financial stability and cost containment

23 June | Inspirational leadership

26 May | HIA/Audit committee chair relationship

21 April | ESG - Modern slavery and climate change

24 March | Cybersecurity

17 February | Independence and objectivity

20 January | HIA annual opinion


9 December | Data analytics

25 November | Agile auditing

28 October | Risk in Focus 2021

23 September | Sir Tony Redmond

26 August | Stakeholder expectations

29 July | Covid-19 lessons

Supporting information

CIPFA guidance
Guidance on providing an opinion during the pandemic crisis.